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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Before Irene...

This summer we did vacation on NC's coast after our stop in her beautiful mountains.  I always love these "going out FOR business" places!  

I couldn't resist snapping this photo!  
 The next three photos are from the top of the five story tall, Odell Williamson Bridge.  This bridge is the only way onto the island of Ocean Isle, NC.  I hope the residents and vacationers in the area sought safe haven in the wake of Irene.
Nearing the peak of the bridge and looking east...this island actually sits east/west.
The Inter-coastal Waterway is pictured here.  

Just cresting the top...can you smell the ocean?
We always have the windows down in the van by now.  Riding with us you'd hear our deep breaths and then each of us claiming to be the first to inhale the healing properties the ocean is offering.  

If you are a believer, sure God lives here!  :)

My girl child...feeling at home.  
More beach vacation sharing...soon.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Family Time...

This summer we went on our family vacation much earlier than normal.  We also tried to NOT do the same old thing.  Our general wants this year included taking a bicycle, hanging on the beach and accommodating a pooch.  Our compromise started with family time in the mountains of North Carolina.  
We headed to my uncle's house first...
They rarely play so nice at home! 
In the morning, it was common to see my two kids playing chess before we'd head out to hike.
This view was on the short walk down the road to the stream.  

"water falls" and mountain view at the stream
 Down at the stream there were several little rocky waterfalls.  A family was having fun sliding down the rocks.  My daughter said this was creepy that I took their picture.  She's such an opinionated teen!

 We joked with my uncle and aunt that this looked like Deliverance country...
 ...they told us it WAS filmed down one of these streams!
We explored another, taller, waterfall area.  My son gets the credit for this beautiful pic.  He's pretty handy with my camera too!
 My uncle first discovered this area when he was just out of college.  He used to come here with his bride.  He'd climb the rock faces of these mountains and she'd wait for him.  He and my aunt fell in love with the area.  My uncle was happy to show us his old stomping grounds.  Fortunately for us, there are several ways to "climb" Whiteside Mountain.  We were able to take the paths and old jeep route to the top.


...everywhere signs...

View from above

Fire Pink wildflowers 
My teens

Totally posed!
My hubby...he is a daredevil, but he wasn't in any danger here.  

4930 ft above sea level

on top of the world

Amazing how close to the edge this rail sits.  

Beautiful orange rhododendron's
 Very near my uncle's place is an old cemetery...

Now THIS is creepy!  

There were several tiny little gravestones too.

Anyone a fan of the movie star Edward Norton?  I wonder if he had relatives in North Carolina?
In this part of the trip I got to walk Winston and my hubby got to ride his bike.  Next stop...the beach!  :)