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Friday, June 24, 2011

The Salty Dog

Be back soon!
Lots to share next week.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Beauty in the Woods

One of the neat parts of walking in the woods so much is that I am able to observe my surroundings better than someone new to the area.  On Wednesday, I spotted this little one  behind our house early in the day.  The next time out with Winston, it was still hanging around the same area!  I crossed my fingers, then went to pick my daughter up from school.  When we returned home, I cautiously said I knew where a fawn was resting...did she want to go see if it was still there?  She did, and here's what we saw!
The little one had shifted positions, but was still lounging.  
My teen REALLY wanted to touch this little one...can you blame her?  I knew she'd never get close enough because this was the same little one Winston and I had walked past the day before and it was pretty quick once it got up off the ground.   Still, she had to try!

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

The Maternity Ward

^^^              brown clump = baby 
 A few weeks ago I spotted a tiny little fawn in my neighbors yard.  It was not a newborn, but it was pretty small.  Mrs. L and I had just been talking up in her garage too!  As I walked away, I did a double take, tied Winston to a pole, got my neighbor back out of her house and went to inspect the visitor.  She tells me that over the past 40 some years she's had many baby fawns hang out in her yard.  Mrs. L was formally trained as a nurse so she and I decided she's got the perfect maternity ward requirements.  No pets, great soft, green grass, and a resident who won't try to rescue a baby who is resting and was NOT abandoned!

A week later, Mrs. L reported her yard being a lactation facility too.  Apparently her backyard has just the right amount of privacy!  :)
Did you say, "Aw?"  How about this, yesterday W and I were walking in the woods.  Now you know he IS a hunter, but he and I walked two feet away from a resting on the ground fawn.  The poor little one was trying so hard to sink into the surrounds and become invisible.  I saw it, but W didn't!   I think it's true that baby deer DO NOT have much scent.  No pictures from yesterday, if only I had another set of hands...I was too busy making sure I had a tight grip on some one's leash, just in case.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Twelve years down...two to go

Although my son went through his high school graduation ceremony on Saturday, snow days kept all our students in school a little longer.  Tomorrow is our official last day of school.  

At least 6 years ago, I watched the documentary called Super Size Me.  Morgan Spurlock vows to eat fast food, from McDonald's, for 30 days and if asked, "Do you want that Super Sized?" had decided he would have to say yes.

I vividly recall watching the documentary with my children and telling them I would always make their lunches for them as long as they wanted while they were in school and I wouldn't complain.  Tomorrow finishes 12 years for my son.  I have 2 years to go for my daughter.   Still no complaints on either end of the deal.

In elementary school here, lunch time also means recess time.  My kids liked that I made their lunches because they could quickly eat and then head outside to play...no line to wait in for them.  I did put twenty dollars into their family school lunch account...just in case they ever wanted to change things up.  Bread sticks and milk have been purchased periodically, but our account still has about $15.00 in it.

Today I am celebrating all parents that are in this lunch making club with me!

Woo Hoo!!!