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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Twelve years down...two to go

Although my son went through his high school graduation ceremony on Saturday, snow days kept all our students in school a little longer.  Tomorrow is our official last day of school.  

At least 6 years ago, I watched the documentary called Super Size Me.  Morgan Spurlock vows to eat fast food, from McDonald's, for 30 days and if asked, "Do you want that Super Sized?" had decided he would have to say yes.

I vividly recall watching the documentary with my children and telling them I would always make their lunches for them as long as they wanted while they were in school and I wouldn't complain.  Tomorrow finishes 12 years for my son.  I have 2 years to go for my daughter.   Still no complaints on either end of the deal.

In elementary school here, lunch time also means recess time.  My kids liked that I made their lunches because they could quickly eat and then head outside to play...no line to wait in for them.  I did put twenty dollars into their family school lunch account...just in case they ever wanted to change things up.  Bread sticks and milk have been purchased periodically, but our account still has about $15.00 in it.

Today I am celebrating all parents that are in this lunch making club with me!

Woo Hoo!!!

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