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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

It's the Real Thing....

1971 - On a hilltop in Italy
We assembled young people
From all over the world
To bring you this message
From Coca-Cola Bottlers
All over the world
It's the real thing - Coke.
And they sang...

I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing...

I'd like to buy the world a home
And furnish it with love
Grow apple trees and honey bees
And snow white turtle doves.
     I'd like to teach the world to sing
     In perfect harmony
     I'd like to buy the world a Coke
     And keep it company
     That's the real thing.
     (Repeat chorus)

Chorus 2:
     What the world wants today
     Coca-Cola (background)
     Is the real thing
     (Repeat chorus 2)

I'd like to teach the world to sing
     Sing with me (background)
In perfect harmony
I'd like to buy the world a Coke
And keep it company
That's the real thing
(Repeat chorus)

(Chorus 2)
What the world wants today
     Coca-Cola (background)
Is the real thing
(Repeat chorus 2)

While exploring on my own in Atlanta recently my first stop was The World of Coke.

I have never been a Pepsi fan, and driving past this place on my way to and from Florida over the years, I've always been curious about what was inside.

Upon entering The World of Coke, you go into an area with these large decorated bottles. They are actually from the 1996 Summer Olympics that were held in Atlanta and various countries decorated their own bottles.  It was fun to see how far reaching the footprint of Coca-Cola really has been.

This bottle was completely decorated in stringed beads!

This bottle was carved out of wood.
 There were so many decorated bottles around the place, it was hard for me to remember which one was from where.  Unfortunately for me I forgot my little notebook on this trip.

The first stop of the tour was into a room filled with some memorabilia from around the world.

I love how the Coke machine reflected onto this framed poster! 
 Guests at this point were tortured into watching a short film...which was really an expanded commercial from several years ago...where these goofy little characters talked about how Coke makes life happy.  I'm not going to YouTube that commercial, but it's the one where the quarter goes into the machine and you followed it in to see how the coke brings happiness to our lives.  Need some happiness?  Click HERE.

The Coca-Cola Cheerleader,  from that commercial

The Coca Cola Polar Bear
 After getting "happy" in that silly movie they turn you loose to explore on your own (thank goodness!).  Your next stop is The Vault.  The vault is where, supposedly, the original hand written formula for Coca-Cola is stored.
The is actually the entry to "the Vault" area
Below is a picture of the "real" vault once you are inside the area.  It really wasn't that big of a deal to me.  As long as someone knows how to make what I like, I don't care where they store the recipe!
The REAL Vault where the recipe for the Real Thing is stored, supposedly

 I enjoyed the self-guided walking tour because there were fun, nerdy Coke things to see like this:

An original 1920's bottling employee uniform

Loved this beanie!  

an original 1939 delivery truck from Buenos Aires
This custom truck could navigate the smaller streets much better thank larger delivery trucks!
 My home state was a part of the Coca-Cola history too!  

The well-known Coca-Cola contour bottle was conceived by employees of the Root Glass Company of Terre Haute, Indiana .  Designed in 1913, the bottle had to be made thinner to fit bottling equipment before it was introduced to the public in  IN 1977, the count our bottle was granted registration as a trademark by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.  

During World War II, some of the Coca-Cola Bottles sent to the troops in the South Pacific were used as  glass insulators to protect exposed electrical wires hanging between the palm trees.  

Apparently Coca-Cola has sponsored the Olympic torches over the years too!
They had a collection displayed to share.

A sample of the Coca-Cola product packages from around the world

More of those big, decorated bottles

Doesn't this make you happy?  
More Coca-Cola trinkets!  

In it's beginning, Coca-Cola was bottled around the country.  Syrup was sent to factories where they mixed it with there with Carbonated Water.  The syrup was sold to the plants who in turn, sold what they produced.  Bottles were made all over the country.

I found this bottle in one of the streams while out walking Winston here at home.  I noticed on the bottom that it was made in Bloomington.  I have saved it and it lives on one of my selves.
But I read this cool fact about the bottles:  
 The bottles were reused over and over!  Early recycling in the US?  

 Oh how I LOVED Coke Blak!!!  I miss it so much!!!  I actually sent Coca-Cola several emails pestering them to keep making it.  Too bad for me, not enough people shared my passion.

 More "stuff"
 The best part of the tour was the taste testing at the end!  There were several machines which had a sample of their products from different continents.

From Europe...

You should DEFINITELY get others to try the Beverly from Italy!

From Africa...

From Asia...

 There were drinks from South America, but the glare on those machines made it impossible to capture a picture of the drinks.

North America...

 The machines in here were my favorite though!  I think this is the future of self-serve soft drinks in restaurants.   I have seen these at one restaurant in Bloomington all ready!  You can go up to the machine and pick your base flavor...I like Coke Zero.  Then you can press a flavor to add to it, if you like...I add Orange!  Mmm!  It's great!  I <3 choices="" nbsp="" p="">
Of course there is a gift shop too:
How about a purse made out of pull tabs!?  I just need to find a pattern to make these, then I'll be able to make them as Christmas gifts!  

 Of course I played tourist and had one of the photographers there take my picture on a Coke themed couch!

At the end of my time at the World of Coke I was able to take home a bottle of Coca-Cola that was bottle right on sight!  I didn't mention before, but part of the tour does take you through a mini-bottling plant.  In theory I am taking one of the bottles I saw being bottled.

I left the World of Coke, feeling Happy and like the only friend I ever needed was my Coca-Cola soft drink!  I think there was a little subliminal advertising going on during my visit.  :)

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Lycan Chronicles - Book Review

In late June, I commented on FB...yes, I enjoy Facebook...that I would blogging more here than posting there.  Part of me wanted to document my travels. The other part of me wanted to get back into being creative, and write - Pre Facebook, if you will.  Posting on FB is fine, but sometimes it seems filled with braggers or causes.  At least here on my blog, if what I write is read, then it is read.  If not, I'll never be any wiser.  I know how easy it is to fall into the FB trap; Only x number of ppl liked that, how come THEY aren't my friend too?, etc.  There are a lot of ways people can use Facebook to make themselves feel valued.

I like to see what my friends are up to in their lives.  I don't "like" every comment I read...but I do smile when I see happy things, pray when prayers are needed and offer moral support if I can.  For me, the connections and reconnection's I have made through FB have been a blessing.
When I commented about my blog on FB, I had a friend ask if I'd read his book and then comment.

Well, Of Course!

Full disclosure to anyone who reads this posting:  I am friends with the author.  He and I did attend high school together as classmates.  We went to a very small public school and literally everyone knew everyone.

Lycan Chronicles is a self-published book.  The story takes place mostly in a small town in southern Indiana. It is a story of Vampires vs Lycans.  Lycans are a form of werewolf: being able to can control when they transform.  Classic good versus evil.

I found this story to be very creatively written.  There are twists and turns, and unbelievable connection which made it fun to read.  While this story was filled with a lot of violence...much more than I enjoy...it did seem true to what Vampires and Lycans may be like if they were dealing with one another.   I found it hard to connect with many of the characters because shortly after being introduced most had the misfortune of not being in the story any longer.  I guess that is what can happen if you cross the path of a vampire.  I spoke to the author after I finished reading his book and told him my concerns of editing issues.  He assured me he is aware of the problems and has a hacker who is the bane of his existence.  I think that stinks, because my belief is better editing would help launch this book into main stream.  It really was a creative story!

As I stated upfront, I have known the author for most of my life but I really had no clue THIS was running around his brain.  Well done, Brent!  I look forward to reading your next tale.

If you happen to be interested in purchase one of Brent's books, click here:  Lycan Chronicles.


Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Last week I slipped out of town.  This trip I was not to use social media, at all.  THAT was hard!  I did not do a great job of following the rules.  Oh well, I was pretty good.

This was a driving adventure to visit family and Winston was able to go along.  I was very happy to have company and he was very happy to go for a ride.  My favorite part of this trip may have been his cuddling with me on the bed at night.  He is SO lucky that my relatives have two dogs of their own and love him!

Before I break down my trip, here's a snippet of how the week went:

 Winston's cousins, shared their toys. 

 Went to an Antique Flea Market...note the REAL stuffed Bush Deer, REAL Zebra skin and REAL stuffed goat head.  Interesting.  I couldn't think of a single place in my house that could be enhanced by these treasures.  

 Winston was spoiled.
My Uncle and his wife have a pool, and guess who loved taking a dip whenever he was hot?  
Again, he's lucky they love dogs and him!!!  
 Proof that our cat Lily isn't the only kitty who loves butter!  
This is Scout.
Yes she's on the counter and ON the cutting board.  
She's spoiled too!  :)
 Did some shopping and bought a bikini.  
I decided to prove to myself that I've not completely lost my shape and I am desirable.  
My belly really enjoyed getting sun, it's only been like 10 years! Lol

 Winston tried teaching his cousins how to hunt.  
Finn and Digby are hopeless hunters but big sweethearts! 

 Went to be "frozen" at a place called The Icebox.  
click here for a link to see more on THAT!  

 You'd swear he has his own pool!  
He was such a king.  

 Met "Son of Frampton"as in Peter
...not really, but he was still a cutie!

 Was giggly with my Aunt's best friend, Tim.  
He has the answers to all my problems. :)
I might have to move down to Atlanta after I finish graduate school.

I learned that when valet parking a Maserati at a restaurant
...one never gets a claim ticket
...and the car always sits out front!  

 Got a driving lesson from my Uncle.  
He said I couldn't text while driving.  

 Got my photo in one. fine. car.

I also went exploring a little on my own, but I'll share those postings soon.  
Have I learned anything else from my traveling this summer?  
Yep.  But it's personal.