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Monday, July 01, 2013

Day 3: All That...and a Bag of Chips!

When I work up, I decided my goal would be to TAKE IT SLOW today.  
Truthfully, I feel like I am supposed to be filling every moment of my time with something.  I know who has influenced me on that so I am going to try to relax a bit.  Enjoy the moment.  Plus, this 7,000 foot elevation is sort of kicking my butt.  I'm carrying my camera bag and it is filled with whatever I think I'll need for the day so I've got a little extra weight to lug around as well.  

After my favorite breakfast of Oatmeal, I headed off to ride the free buses to the eastern end of the south rim.  There are at least two trails I'd love to hike and explore...but not today.  

If anyone knows what this is, please tell me!
I noticed a lot of little things today that piqued my interests...like new flowers to identify.
AMAZING! One of the ORIGINAL boats used to map the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon and a black and white of the men who went on this expedition led by John Wesley Powell. 
I watched a movie about the Grand Canyon and decided in my 50's I'd like to spend two weeks with my husband on one of those white river excursions traveling all 277 miles of the Colorado River through the Canyon.  Pretty sure I can survive with out my camera for that long...not sure about my nerve, but I'm up for that challenge!

Kalibo Squirrel...
having a Zen moment on the canyon's edge
I noted how fearless animals can be.  How is it they feel comfortable on the edge in life?  I would like to absorb a little of that spirit.
Mountain Chickadee
So excited to see this!  I have Black-Capped and Carolina Chickadees at home.
I saw new birds to add to my life list of birds I've seen...although I don't aspire to do a Big Year.

Mule Deer on the wall of the Canyon!
I was looking over the edge at him.
Where all the lodges are along the south rim, I was sitting on the stone wall and noticed movement about 50 or so feet below me.  Above you might be able to see the Mule Deer in the middle of my picture.  I've enlarged two pictures below to show her in a little better detail.

Again, I was amazed by what the creatures in this area can do to survive!  Amazing!!!
Close-up # 1 of the Mule Deer

Close-up #2 of the Mule Deer
When I saw this survey marker just over a stone wall I was reminded of those brave explorers who came out west to map this area for the rest of us.  Did you know that the Grand Canyon was the last place in the continental US to be explored?  I was told that contrary to popular thought, Pioneers probably never brought their wagons here.  That made me laugh because I've heard that my mom's reaction when she first saw the GC was, "Can you imagine the pioneers pulling up here and saying, 'Oh Crap! How do we cross THIS!'"
Survey Marker near the eastern most end of the Southern Rim

Cactus bloom

Apache Plume

I'm used to Crows so this is a treat for me!!!

Evening snack!
I was really feeling a huge craving for salt so I gave in...NOT something I usually have.
My excuse was I probably sweated out a little salt today.
Day 4...more adventures to come!  :) Stay tuned.

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Lisa said...

I agree, it's amazing what animals can do to survive in any given location, you'd think over time they'd migrate away, instead the adapt. I'm sure there's a lesson in that. That beautiful orange cactus flower is wonderful!