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Saturday, July 06, 2013

Day 8: Ancient History, Looking up

With Lance

Where we hiked to see all the petrogylphs

I ended my time in Sedona today by going on one last tour there.  My guide this time was Lance.  Because the resort I was staying at was on the way to the ruins we were to visit, I was picked up at my door!  Not a bad way to end a trip!  Lance was very knowledgeable about the Indian paintings we saw.  I wish I had taken notes during this tour, but I was busy taking pictures!

Ancient Ruin structures and petroglyphs (wall paintings)

ridge along the opposite side of this canyon
close up of ridge "cave"

In Sedona...What's wrong with this McDonalds?  There are pretty strict building codes here.
Last photo of rock structures in Sedona.  On the northern edge of town, the ship.

After I left Sedona, I traveled north back to the Grand Canyon.  I planned this trip less than two months ago, so the dates available to stay at the Canyon were hard to coordinate.  I knew spending just one night here would not be enough for me.  Seeing the Grand Canyon has always been a dream of mine.  I am very happy that I started my trip here and I will be able to finish my trip here.

When I arrived today it started raining.  I was lucky enough to get some pictures of the storm as it rolled through the canyon.

After dinner, the skies were clearing and I have always wanted to sit outside on the canyons rim at night and look up at the stars.  While gazing at the heavens I was thinking of my friend, KW.  I wish she had been here with me because I know she would love it as much as I did.  I realize I don't take enough time to go outside and do things like gaze up at the stars, just to do it any more.  I know I bored many dates growing up as I'd take them up to the golf course green just behind my house (Thank goodness Mr. Lazar won't know I did this...he'd have been mad!) and lay back and stare at the stars.  I loved to just imagine what it would be like to travel up in space.

There were many nights when I'd be out front in the drive way until the wee hours of the night alone, gazing at the stars or moon with my telescope.  My mom's sixth sense must have known I wasn't in the house because she'd always come out well after midnight, check on me and tell me I should come to bed.

Tonight s I gazed at the stars, planets and Milky Way, I felt relaxed and at peace.  I was thinking of my friends.  I was thinking of my mom.  And I was thinking of those early humans roaming the earth.  I thinks it's amazing to think, they too looked at the heavens above!  I was sitting on a bench very near the edge of the canyon, legs stretched out and arms folded behind my head when I heard a munch, munch, muting noise very close behind me.  Two elk were less than 20 feet from me.  Amazing!

Earlier today I saw a prairie dog, tonight I saw a little chipmunk then California Condors over head, and also two elk!  As I was walking back to the lodge I saw five or six mule deer too.

It was hard for me to come inside tonight.  I made myself come in and I really need to get to bed, because tomorrow I'm going to hike down into the canyon a bit.  Wish me luck!  I'd really like to do 10 miles...I know I can easily do 6...but this elevation does get to me.  Regardless, I am very happy that I was able to come back here.  I believe the Grand Canyon may be my most favorite place on Earth.

Prarie Dog

California Condor
Mouse sized chipmunk....not sure of true name, yet




Mule Deer

Photos of the cloud burst

What have I learned today:

     *I like exploring

     *I am fine being on my own

     *I LOVE star gazing!  (forgot this along time ago!)

It's Saturday morning now and I am playing catch up on posting this entry.  The internet is slow out at the canyon.  I am off to hike today and may or may not be blogging for a few days.  I really want to spend my time gazing here and I do know that I like being out in nature's beauty a tad more than I like being connected to technology.  Bright Angel Trail awaits!

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Lisa said...

Wow! Such closeness with those elk & the deer! That must have been startling and exciting at once. It's funny that as I come to this post and read your words, it's almost like what I'd mentioned about my first & last time to the canyon and my mom starting and ending a trip at the Canyon. I knew that place was magical. Your shots of the storm rolling through are great. That's one thing that really, really stands out in my mind about that long ago trip, the desert storms and the magnificent (truly) lightening flashes. Mighty and beautiful, but scary.