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Friday, July 05, 2013

Day 7: Happy Independence Day

Today is Independence Day...I guess I am celebrating it in the appropriate way, independently.  Most of the day it has been fine to be alone.  This is my last full day in Sedona so I spent time shopping.   Lots of gifts to purchase for those I love back home!  I also wanted to make sure I revisited any place I wanted and had all the pictures I needed.  After being here for several days I can easily find my way around.  Sedona isn't that complicated and it is pretty small.  Its population is about 11,000 residence.  What I like the most is that I feel I can look at the "rocks"now and know which structure is which.  I definitely couldn't do that on Monday.  

 I LOVE Lady Liberty!  
I felt this was a great picture to start off my Independence Day post.  The News and Lady Liberty.  Definitely two symbols representing our freedoms here in the United States of America.

Being from the Midwest, it didn't feel like 100 degrees to me outside.  
I wouldn't mind taking some of this DRY heat back home.  
Bell Rock 
From the road, there are turn offs where you can park your car and hike around most (maybe all, but I'm not 100% sure) of the formations.
Bell Rock

Courthouse Rock

I wonder how you can tell which side is the back and which side is the front?  

Courthouse Rock
 One of my guides, Paul, told me that a long time ago the two structures, Cathedral and Courthouse Rocks, had the opposite names.  Apparently they were miss named in the State records.  By the time the error was noticed it had all ready been put into publications, so the names stuck.
Chapel of the Holy Cross
It was raining the first time I went over to the Chapel of the Holy Cross, so clear skies was my excuse to head back.  I took the opportunity to say a few more prayers, light a few more candles and to thank our creator for all my friends.
The Chapel of the Holy Cross looks out at Courthouse Rock and Bell Rock

I'm not sure who is in charge of naming the formations...but I'd like to see this one called Little Eagle.  
Doesn't it look like someone carved a statue up there?
You might need to click on it to enlarge the picture.   

Coffee Pot Rock
The last formation I wanted to capture today was Coffee Pot Rock.  It is almost visible from my room.  
I've been luck enough to look out at Chimney Rock and Capital Butte all week long.  
I believe there is another formation called the ship, but I'll try to get that picture tomorrow as I head out of town.  
More Cactus flowers
I can see how Walt Disney was captivated by these little critters.  I need to dedicate these next two pictures to my dearest BFF, JM.  
Long ago we were called Chip and Dale!  :)
Golden Mantled Ground Squirrels

Last night I headed in to town at dusk and I saw this statue.  I couldn't tell if the little girl was real and pretending to stand still or if she was part of the artwork.  Her eyes sort of scared me though and I needed to comeback during daylight...just to check.  
The Cowboy Painter

 Different Travel Note:
 My bathroom has one of these lamps.  I have a LOVE/HATE relationship with it.  I LOVE it because I can really see everything on my face, and I HATE it for the same reasons!  I kind of want one for home, but I am glad I don't have a counter to set it on, hence, I will NOT be getting one.

Side Note:  My eyebrows have never looked so good though!


Tonight I went to a Laser Light show as Sedona's "fire works".  See clips of it...from my phone so don't expect anything to fancy...by clicking here: Sedona 4th of July 2013
I have it set on YouTube so hopefully that link takes you there.  

I saw these two siblings at the school where the show was to be held and it made me realize I really am an animal person.  I wanted to go and love on them both!  

What I learned today:  
     * I really like buying gifts for others.

     * I really like animals. Technically I all ready really knew this!  But I know I cannot live without animals in my household.  It is nice to be able to travel and not have to worry about someone caring for them, but most of the time I do not travel and their loyalty and love is something I enjoy.  

     * Holidays alone are okay, but sharing them with family and friends is much better.  

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Lisa said...

The formations are terrific, such a sight to see, and amazing how they form themselves throughout many thousands of years. How fun to see the chipmunks, they really are so cute! I share your love of animals, I know that I'll never be able to live without them. Laser show, eh? Is that because of fire danger?