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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

In the Nick of Time...

Inspired by my cyber-friend Kimara at Wee Folk Art...
...my thumbprint pumpkin cards!  I took a break from life yesterday to play and make these cards.  They are heading out in the mail with Halloween greetings today.  I forgot how much fun thumbprint art can be!  :)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Glass Houses

A downfall to so many windows on the backside of the Burrow is that the birds sometimes see the reflection of the woods.  Usually they gently bump into my windows.  Occasionally, when the hawk is out hunting, the gentle bump is a very loud THUD and a mark can be seen.  Look at the upper left window below.
Here's a close up of that window pane.  

It's usually the Mourning Doves the hawk hunts.  Such a sweet bird.  I am sorry to see their loss when it happens, but I respect the circle of life and am in awe at the hawk and the role they play in our world.  
This lucky dove just stunned himself.  He sat by our backdoor for a few hours and then flew to the safety of a nearby tree.  His foe had been scared off by the teenage girl in our household who cannot accept the circle of life when she's around.  I also think my teen was hoping she'd have a new "pet" to nurse back to health.  She is a compassionate soul.  

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Is this April 1st?

A store I frequent has sent me an e-mail "reward".  I can choose between these two items:  

A four pack of disposable tooth brushes or a candy bar.  

Seriously, is this really a choice?  

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Jeepers, Creepers....Look at those Peepers?

Hello?  Is anybody home?  
These two were very curious this morning out back of my house. 
 Such beautiful brown eyes!  
It even looked like they were smooching.  

But, what does it take to scare them away you ask?  

Just a little BOO!...  

 ...from Jack!  
The deer didn't go far and then they were stomping their feet trying to scare Jack.  :)  

Celebrating a Friendship!

I've had many friends in my life.  

But, I've had one girl friend in my life for almost 21 years now.  

We have shared everything.  Marriage, death, college life, work life, births, children raising, problems (that's a pretty broad category!), relatives, moves, vacations, fires - house/apartment and camping.  If I didn't mentions something, I'm still pretty sure we've visited that event in life together.  :)  Although we aren't blood, I would turn to my friend as quickly as I would to my own siblings.  Her friendship means everything to me.  

My favorite story about our relationship has to do with when I found out I was pregnant with my first child.  My DH and I had been trying to get pg for a few years.  At that stage in our lives we lived three hours away from our friends.  So we kept in touch mostly by phone and weekend visits.  It was so easy to travel without kids!  

On a Friday morning in October I took a home pregnancy test.  It was positive!  I was so excited!  I was worried about calling my friend though because I know they had been trying to get pg for a long time too.  That night after work I called her with my news.  "Guess what.  I took a home pregnancy test today and it was positive."  I told her and then I waited to hear the touch of disappointment in her voice.  "Well," she said with a hint of her own excitement, "I was going to call you tomorrow because I am taking a home pregnancy test then!"  This was back in the day when for the best results one took a home pg test first thing in the morning.  

As luck would have it, my mom was coming to visit us on that Saturday.   A cousin was getting married near where I lived.  I would be able to tell my mom my great news in person.  I'm not sure I slept much that night.  I couldn't wait to tell my mom and I couldn't wait to hear my friends news.  

It was later in the day on Saturday that my friend called me.  Her test did show positive.  Some how I knew it would!  My mom had just arrived in town and my DH and I went to her hotel.  I was poised to tell her the news.  

"Mom, I just got the best news," I started.  "Remember Joann? Well, she took a home pg test this morning and it came back positive!  Isn't that great!"  I can still see my mom.  She was sitting in a chair in her hotel room, shoes off, legs crossed, stretched out propped up on her bed, arms folded behind her head. "Well, yeah.  That's good news," my mom responded.  I could see that puzzled and then distracted look on her face.  "Mom, that means her parents are going to be grandparents! Isn't that great!?" "Sure," she said.  "But mom, even better than that...I'm pregnant too!"  

That was one of the best moments in my life.  The shock, realization and then joy that spread across my mom's face still brings tears to my eyes.  Life was good.  

My friend and I shared that pregnancy.  We have photos of our big bellies and then photos of our bathing boys together.  The boys are only separated by 12 days.  

Today my friend and I are fortunate enough to live just 18 miles apart.  Our lives do not allow us to talk daily, but twice a year we do get together to celebrate each other's birthday even months after our true birthday date.  Her B-day was in August, a few nights ago I made dinner for her.  Here is a look into the food of the night, she allowed me to make a bunch of my favorites for her:  
I forgot to take a picture of our salad!  But it was an apples, spinach, bleu cheese walnut dish.  Here's the recipe anyway!  Inn at Cedar Crossing Spinach Apple Bleus Salad recipe.
Stuffed mushroom caps started the night, red raspberries were our snack and homemade almond joy bars our dessert.  
We drank too much wine and were as giddy as teenage girls, so my teen told me later!  She should know...I've heard the same giggles and seen the same happy faces on her and her girl friends!   

I am convinced we should all have one person we are not married to or related to in our lives to keep us grounded.  

Thank you Joann for being my one person!  

Friday, October 16, 2009

For the Birds and Teasing a Cat!

This Friday morning finds me with a surprise day home.  No children or husband... just me and the Burrow.  I am trying to do some much needed cleaning but I keep getting side-tracked!  I noticed my dome-feeder is empty outside my kitchen window, so I made up some "Bluebird Food".  All the birds like it.  I stopped adding the raisins but continue with the unsalted nuts.  
I know you can't see the label I have added to the nuts but it says "For the Birds!"  
My family likes eating the unsalted nuts too!  
This recipe is seriously easy.  
With a pastry blender in hand it only takes a few minutes to blend the food together.  

Within minutes the birds are flitting about the feeder.  
While I was taking the above pictures, Lily (one of the cats in my household) was having a spasm under me.  When I looked down I realized she was totally being teased by the birds!  Poor Indoor Baby!  :)
Every time I look out back something else catches my attention.  I re-filled my hummingbird feeders today with the last of the syrup I had in the 'fridge.  I was thinking all the hummers here have gone, but just a few minutes ago a solo bird was sipping from my feeder.  I will keep my feeders up and fresh through the end of this month.  

And can you tell these babies are getting their winter coat?  This little girl and four or five of her family members keep popping out of the woods behind my house.  
Really, how am I ever going to finish cleaning my house today?  

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Day Off!

Monday was Columbus Day.  I had to work, but my husband had the day off.  

Our kids went to school at 7...high school starts too early in my opinion.  I don't need to be at school until 9.  My DH drove me to school.  I felt like one of the first graders I work with as I was dropped off at the door.  The ulterior motives of my DH were if he drove me to school he could go into the office for only a few hours and have an excuse to NOT stay all day.  

At noon he picked me up and we went to lunch.  I told him I had his afternoon planned out and he happily accommodated me.  We went to our favorite winery after lunch so we could restock our wine rack.  When we returned home we went for a nice long walk in the woods. 
Although these flowers are in my yard, they just started blooming about three weeks ago.  I can't recall what they are, but I did plant them from seeds.  I am happy to see their little blue blossoms.  
The hues in the woods are looking more yellow.  Under foot the noisy crunch, crunch, crunch of each step alerted the wildlife we are visiting them.  We did see a few white tails jumping away as we walked.  

The lake view is starting to turn yellow and red too!  

It was so still on the lake.  We could hear one other couple talking  on the other bank, across the water.  I think it was just the four of us walking in the woods Monday afternoon.  
Yellow mushrooms... 
A box turtle...  
...and a few bugs, shared our afternoon.  

We made it back home just as our kids got off the bus.  

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

13 Days of Halloween

I'm behind, but I did get this bunch of treats in the mail and to my pen pal late last week!  The 13 days of Halloween I signed up to be in starts on the 19th!  
I just got word today from my friend in Montana that her package arrived last night.  
I can't wait to hear her reactions as she opens each treat!  :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Around the Burrow!

I've been so busy weeding, hosting a neighborhood picnic, tending a sick (now back to school and fine) kid, and doing the normal stuff of life that it's hard to find time to delete photos off a stuffed computer.  I just don't seem to have the time to just sit and go through/transfer them.  

But, the Kodak Gallery has changed recently and it is totally helping me out.  Their download process has gotten faster and requires less steps now.  So, here are a few pictures of recent Burrow visitors.  

The deer regularly snack out back.  I have a few bucks here too, but the color of this doe was great.  They change with the seasons too!  And this little snake, he's really only a foot to 18 inches long, greeted me near my door.  I had just been on a walk in the woods and came home to find him.  I moved him to the edge of the yard in the woods.  Doesn't he look impressive?  

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

It's Here! :(

I know I posted this photo in April in jest.  

My teenage daughter has the flu right now.  Her fever this morning was at 102.7.  Achy head, burning up, feeling dizzy, a little cough, runny nose...poor thing.  H1N1 has been confirmed at her high school.  

We are hunkering down and drinking lots of fluids.  Gma and Gpa next door are not allowed to visit, but Gma did make chicken soup for lunch today.  

I hope all my friends are staying healthy.  

Monday, October 05, 2009

Too Busy! Frustration!!!!!

Old photos because I am trying to empty off my computer!  

These are from the summer of 2007.  Old, but not ancient photos.  I have lots of good memories of fishing as a young girl.  On this day I was the only lucky one to catch a fish.  It was one of the last times we went out on my in-laws old pontoon boat.  The kids and I went out with dad (my MIL).  

I need space on my computer so I can share current stuff:  neighborhood picnic photo(the 51st) along with the story of my being scolded by my letter carrier, and the buck, two does and snake I saw today in the Burrow's backyard.  Hopefully soon, if I can get some time to just sit and move photos from one place to another.