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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Glass Houses

A downfall to so many windows on the backside of the Burrow is that the birds sometimes see the reflection of the woods.  Usually they gently bump into my windows.  Occasionally, when the hawk is out hunting, the gentle bump is a very loud THUD and a mark can be seen.  Look at the upper left window below.
Here's a close up of that window pane.  

It's usually the Mourning Doves the hawk hunts.  Such a sweet bird.  I am sorry to see their loss when it happens, but I respect the circle of life and am in awe at the hawk and the role they play in our world.  
This lucky dove just stunned himself.  He sat by our backdoor for a few hours and then flew to the safety of a nearby tree.  His foe had been scared off by the teenage girl in our household who cannot accept the circle of life when she's around.  I also think my teen was hoping she'd have a new "pet" to nurse back to health.  She is a compassionate soul.  


comfrey cottages said...

aww i love the gentle mourning dove also:) your child sounds magical lisa:) it is hard to accept it sometimes, when we have our hawks also. but as you say, the circle of life! hugs to you dear

Hootie said...

Thanks Leslie! Said child can be a pill, but she has a heart of gold when it comes to animals. I think she'll out grow the pill phase too...it seems mostly directed towards me...must be a teenage girl/mom thing (I hope!)

I dated a guy that hunted with a Red Tail Hawk, many, many moons ago, and THAT was truly an amazing site. Hunting meant only to catch what the bird would need to eat over the next few weeks.

Hugs back to you! :)