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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Celebrating a Friendship!

I've had many friends in my life.  

But, I've had one girl friend in my life for almost 21 years now.  

We have shared everything.  Marriage, death, college life, work life, births, children raising, problems (that's a pretty broad category!), relatives, moves, vacations, fires - house/apartment and camping.  If I didn't mentions something, I'm still pretty sure we've visited that event in life together.  :)  Although we aren't blood, I would turn to my friend as quickly as I would to my own siblings.  Her friendship means everything to me.  

My favorite story about our relationship has to do with when I found out I was pregnant with my first child.  My DH and I had been trying to get pg for a few years.  At that stage in our lives we lived three hours away from our friends.  So we kept in touch mostly by phone and weekend visits.  It was so easy to travel without kids!  

On a Friday morning in October I took a home pregnancy test.  It was positive!  I was so excited!  I was worried about calling my friend though because I know they had been trying to get pg for a long time too.  That night after work I called her with my news.  "Guess what.  I took a home pregnancy test today and it was positive."  I told her and then I waited to hear the touch of disappointment in her voice.  "Well," she said with a hint of her own excitement, "I was going to call you tomorrow because I am taking a home pregnancy test then!"  This was back in the day when for the best results one took a home pg test first thing in the morning.  

As luck would have it, my mom was coming to visit us on that Saturday.   A cousin was getting married near where I lived.  I would be able to tell my mom my great news in person.  I'm not sure I slept much that night.  I couldn't wait to tell my mom and I couldn't wait to hear my friends news.  

It was later in the day on Saturday that my friend called me.  Her test did show positive.  Some how I knew it would!  My mom had just arrived in town and my DH and I went to her hotel.  I was poised to tell her the news.  

"Mom, I just got the best news," I started.  "Remember Joann? Well, she took a home pg test this morning and it came back positive!  Isn't that great!"  I can still see my mom.  She was sitting in a chair in her hotel room, shoes off, legs crossed, stretched out propped up on her bed, arms folded behind her head. "Well, yeah.  That's good news," my mom responded.  I could see that puzzled and then distracted look on her face.  "Mom, that means her parents are going to be grandparents! Isn't that great!?" "Sure," she said.  "But mom, even better than that...I'm pregnant too!"  

That was one of the best moments in my life.  The shock, realization and then joy that spread across my mom's face still brings tears to my eyes.  Life was good.  

My friend and I shared that pregnancy.  We have photos of our big bellies and then photos of our bathing boys together.  The boys are only separated by 12 days.  

Today my friend and I are fortunate enough to live just 18 miles apart.  Our lives do not allow us to talk daily, but twice a year we do get together to celebrate each other's birthday even months after our true birthday date.  Her B-day was in August, a few nights ago I made dinner for her.  Here is a look into the food of the night, she allowed me to make a bunch of my favorites for her:  
I forgot to take a picture of our salad!  But it was an apples, spinach, bleu cheese walnut dish.  Here's the recipe anyway!  Inn at Cedar Crossing Spinach Apple Bleus Salad recipe.
Stuffed mushroom caps started the night, red raspberries were our snack and homemade almond joy bars our dessert.  
We drank too much wine and were as giddy as teenage girls, so my teen told me later!  She should know...I've heard the same giggles and seen the same happy faces on her and her girl friends!   

I am convinced we should all have one person we are not married to or related to in our lives to keep us grounded.  

Thank you Joann for being my one person!  


Lauranie said...

What a sweet story! That is awesome to have such a special event between best friends! My best friend and I had daughters 6 mo apart! I had a little bit of difficulty getting pregnant with our 2nd child, so I was so HAPPY to share the news with her! I am convinced that the "blessings" stone she gave out at her baby shower was the reason for my own bit of happiness and I still have it with me all the time!! :) Yummy recipes! Thanks for sharing!

Kimara@weefolkart said...

I reread this post twice. How delightful. I am so grateful I have a couple of "old friends" that knew me when. We have stories and secrets that worth their weight in... well, memories. For a very similar sentiment, check out a post on One Generation... http://onegenerationtoanother.com/node/25. I think you'll enjoy it :)