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Monday, October 05, 2009

Too Busy! Frustration!!!!!

Old photos because I am trying to empty off my computer!  

These are from the summer of 2007.  Old, but not ancient photos.  I have lots of good memories of fishing as a young girl.  On this day I was the only lucky one to catch a fish.  It was one of the last times we went out on my in-laws old pontoon boat.  The kids and I went out with dad (my MIL).  

I need space on my computer so I can share current stuff:  neighborhood picnic photo(the 51st) along with the story of my being scolded by my letter carrier, and the buck, two does and snake I saw today in the Burrow's backyard.  Hopefully soon, if I can get some time to just sit and move photos from one place to another.  



Lauranie said...

yes, too much BUSY is never a good thing!! And going through pictures is the HARDEST!! What to keep, what to get rid of...so many memories and good times!! :) I just keep them ALL!! :) Makes it easier! I have double back-up discs and am thinking of getting my own external hard drive, just for my pictures!!! Whew! AND I just got a new "toy" that is causing me to spend TOO much time going through ALL of my pictures!!
I can't wait to hear the story about the letter carrier!! Hurry up and finish being busy so you can tell us! :D

parTea lady said...

It is fun reliving good times with old photos. I have fond memories of bass fishing in Northern Ontario with my father-in-law.