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Saturday, August 03, 2013

Atlanta Botanical Garden = Eye Candy!!!

If you have a chance to go see the Atlanta Botanical Garden before the end of October this year, do go!  There is a beautiful exhibit that even the non-plant lover will enjoy!  It's called Imaginary Worlds: Plants Larger Than Life.  There are billboards around town enticing visitors to come see the garden.  I thought the hardest part of my trip was locating the entrance.  The area where the Botanical Garden is located is filled with very mature trees and surrounded by parks.  Add a little road construction, and a visitor could easily have a little trouble navigating where she needed to go.  I found the entrance, and despite the very warm and humid weather Atlanta was experiencing, I enjoyed exploring the treasures within.  

This exhibit, which to the uneducated eye looks like topiaries, are called Mosaiculture.  Mosaic + Horticulture combined.  Steel armatures are covered in a growing medium where plant plugs (hence the mosaic) were strategically placed.  The living sculptures are maintain daily by horticulture teams.  

The structures were created by a nonprofit company called International Mosaiculture of Montreal, Canada.  The exhibits were put together up in Montreal and then transported to Atlanta via special, temperature controlled tractor trailers.  

I was not lucky enough to explore this exhibit at night.  On Thursday evenings through October the sculptures come to life with thousands of strategically placed twinkle lights!


Toad Lily

Earth Goddess

Swamp Hibiscus

The Shaggy Dog


Looking towards downtown

Dancing Fish

Fuqua Conservatory


Giant Berries
In the Fuqua Orchid Center:  

Frog fountain
Look closely...Gambels Quail
center, under the leaf
I saw these in Sedona but got their picture in Atlanta!  

At the Children's Garden