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Thursday, January 10, 2013

My favorite present!

My mil always asks what everyone wants for Christmas. She loves it if you have a list better yet, a suggestion. My husband is not like his mom. If you have a list you can count on him to completely disregard it!

This year I told my mil that I would love a teapot that I could use to steep loose tea leaves. I didn't have any particular teapot in mind, because I don't mind a bit if a surprise!

When I opened my gifts from my mil up I was happily surprised to find a teapot, as I requested. I didn't expect my teapot to have a story. When I told my mil I wanted a teapot, she remembered she had one tucked away that had belonged to HER great grandmother, grandma Causher. My mil said she was sure I should have it and it should stay in the family.

Can I tell you, my afternoon tea tastes better than ever now! What a treasure! :)