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Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Gnomes in my Home

This gnome in the middle is Pawley.  He's named for Pawley's Island, SC and was created by Tom Clark.  I think I have 29 of Mr. Clark's creations adorning my shelves.  I have collected them for years, but really love TC gnomes with shells as their theme.  A few in my collection came from my Grams.  Long before she passed away she decided she was going to die and needed to clean house.  She really never made a dent in her "stuff" but that is probably common for most people!  

Pawley came from my husband's aunt's house.  She passed away last December, just after we saw her at Thanksgiving.  I have wonderful memories of her, especially when I see Pawley.  She was a beach lover too and we spent many vacations together...several shopping at Pawley's Island!  

Last weekend I tried to go through some boxes of my own "stuff."  How does one part with old photos of family?  Love letters of their parents? And trinkets that are powerful reminders of lost ones?  For me...I put the lids back on the boxes, enjoyed the reminiscing, and decided that another time I'll maybe part with my "stuff"...maybe.  :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Freshening Up!

I am getting bored with the plain white surroundings outside!  So I decided to freshen up my blog with a little color.  What do you think?  :)  

Friday, February 19, 2010

Knitting For Charity Update

...Here are photos of my daughter (the blue) and my (the pink) cat throws we crocheted on MLK Day.  Very appropriate that Jack would pick the boyish color to clean himself on and Lily the girlish color to lay on!  

Kitty endorsed.  :)  

I delivered our finished products just today even though they've been ready for a few weeks.  Now we'll have to make Jack and Lily there very own blankets.  

For anyone seriously interested in the pattern...it was the most simple crochet:  cast on any number you like (we shot for 50) and then single crochet the rows until the entire skein was used up or you are happy with the size.  I believe we used a G or H sized hook.  The edging was just single crochets all the way around.  I used a different color, but my daughter used the same color as the main body of her throw.  

It was very easy to make these; I taught my daughter how to crochet that morning.  I can see myself making many more of these in the future!  What a nice way to use up old yarn...and the cats certainly won't scrutinize ones handy work!  :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Just the two of us...and our dog!

When you are outdoor loving individuals and have been married for many, many years AND you still have teens at home, the best way to get a little alone time is to take a walk!  Yesterday for Valentine's Day - and as is our Sunday habit - my DH and I took a long walk in the woods with Winston.  The ground had about  6 inches of snow on it, but many others had traveled the paths too.  
In places the creek appeared frozen over.  
This looks like it might be Oriental Bittersweet to me.  
Ten years ago, my Mom and Grams would probably pay good money for this little bunch just to use as decorations!  
Unfrozen, flowing streams to cross.  
The hidden dam once again...from the base this time!  
Water was dripping over it's edge;cascading down the stair steps which hold back the lake above.  
I love the symmetry of this evergreen against the stair ledge of the dam.  
Icicles formed like stalactites off the ridges in the ravines.  
Some even reached all the way to the ground inviting one 
to come see what's behind the curtain.  
We stayed on the trail though...maybe next Sunday.  

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

A week ago I bought myself a little present.  That doesn't happen too often!  For Christmas I requested a CD which I did not get...Joshua Bell At Home with Friends.

It is fantastic!  And, it has one of my favorite songs of all time on it...
My Funny Valentine, totally appropriate for today!  I love listening to this whole CD; it has an international feel to it and it makes me very happy!  
Yesterday I got flowers!  
They were from my FIL.  He brought them over and told me it was a little thank you for taking care of him over these past few weeks.  My MIL had been in DC and did get snowed in there due to the snowopcalypse.  While she was away I fed my FIL dinner each night and just made sure all was fine with him each day.  I could tell by the end of the almost two weeks without his wife around he was really starting to miss her.  He's of that generation who is totally capable, but really likes to be waited on.  Old dogs can learn new tricks but they just don't like to...do you know anyone like this?  I accommodate old dogs!  
I have said it before and I'll say it again, I love living next door to my in-laws for this reason...I want to be able to be here to help, when ever! 

This year for Valentine's Day I made my friends some of my homemade coconut butter cream filled bon-bons.  They haven't received them yet though due to the snow we've had and my in-ability to get to school and deliver these treats.  Hopefully tomorrow!  And, if any of them read this blog posting then they will know what else to expect too!  
Thanks to Alison by Hand, I was inspired to make some of my own little containers! What an easy to follow tutorial!  Thanks, Alison.  :)
One of my very special friends will be receiving a little crocheted heart I made.  I found the pattern in an old crochet magazine I picked up while at a book fair with this friend.  The other heart is going to my MIL.  
Here's what Crafting Central has looked like for me lately.  
This morning Winston and I made a special delivery of one of these little containers filled with chocolates and doggie chew treats to a neighbor and her dog, Lovey.  It was so fun to give a valentine to someone who didn't expect it.  
Her smile was priceless!  :)  

What did I receive from my sweetheart you ask?  Well, really only a true love could appreciate his thoughtfulness...my very own gaiters!  Are you familiar with what those are?  They are covers for one's pants from your knee down to your boot/shoe laces.  Here's an example at L.L. Bean...gaiters.  They are perfect for walking in the snow with a dog in the woods!  :)  I've been borrowing his, my DH's, that he's had for 30 years.  It's fine to share a pair, but like today, we both went out together and then only one of us had the benefit of no-snow-sliding-down-our-ankles-and-into-our-shoes.  That was me, btw.  

Maybe tomorrow I'll post a few of the photos I took from our almost three hour Valentine hike!  

I'm gonna listen to my CD again!

Monday, February 08, 2010

Eye Candy Outdoors...

Friday we were supposed to have a snow storm; 4-8 inches of heavy white stuff.  School was cancelled before the fun even began.  Our town sat on the freezing temps line all day long...just barely at 34 degrees!  Cold, windy, rainy weather.  YUCK!    After 4 in the afternoon the temperature finally dropped enough to make the woods look magical.  
I went out Saturday afternoon with my camera, of course.  
A tiny little pond tucked away in the hills.  
The tree affectionately known as the palm tree by my family.  
Below it was HEADS or TAILS.
Look north (above)...and south (below) for two completely 
different pictures of the woods.
The road ways stayed fairly clear.  One might call it the perfect snow storm!  Tonight we are set to add to our total accumulations.  Usual the old snow melts before a fresh batch arrives.  I know tonight I'll have two teenagers saying their prayers for another snow day!  :)  

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Bluebird of Happiness...Indeed!

Over the past two months I have acquired a dog and a new camera.  I'm sure by now you've read my updates about Winston on his blog...Winston Speaks.  

Probably the most amazing thing about owning him is that he forces me to get outside several times each day.  I have, however, decided I am not a huge fan of walks in the cold rain.  As a retired-hunter, Winston is still always "on" duty.  He's learning that I hunt too, but with my camera.  He knows when I need him to stand still so I can take a few "shots."  Commands and signals are coming along.  

As a new camera owner, I am still feeling my way around.  My well-read manual is close at hand.   I have a few of my Grandma Theresa's bird loving genes in me.  So my walks in the woods with Winston are a treat in my day; especially with camera in hand.  

Last week I was very excited when I saw a flock of Bluebirds eating the Holly berries in my tree out back.  My mood for the day was set when I was able to capture several photos of one of my favorite birds!  I couldn't help but feel my grandmother's passion for these feathered friends creeping through my veins.  
My hometown is just on the northern edge of the Bluebirds winter habitat.  We are so lucky that they will stay here year round.  That means our nesting boxes get used earlier too!  Walking down by the lake I could see it was mostly frozen over again.  Where the stream head meets the lake the ice cold water was crystal clear.  
I have a ton of photos of songbirds who frequent the woods nearby, my yard and feeders.  But, I am always on the hunt for Birds of Prey!  They are really hard to get close to and I don't have a big enough zoom lens to be that far away.  

When Winston and I were out on Tuesday I spotted this owl who was watching us!  I think this is a Barred Owl.  

It's amazing how silent owls are when they fly.  
Recently I spotted this Red Shouldered Hawk nearby too.  He was being chased by some Blue Jays and Crows so he was much easier to notice.  
Finally, I think there must be at least a dozen deer living in the woods behind my house.  There droppings are everywhere and Winston and I spot them ALL THE TIME!  It's almost a non-event seeing a deer any more.  I think they feel the same way about us too.  Usually they will hold their ground and size us up.  Their general protocol is  (1) Watch the potential threat, (2) Stomp your hoof to see if they will turn tail and run, (3) Snort at the threat as you run off.  Usually I stomp my foot back at them.  Winston stomped at this gal which surprised her and made her run.  I am working on teaching Winston "NO" when we see the deer.  He is not allowed to chase them with me.  Loosing my new buddy is the last thing I need!  Good to spot the deer, good to give them a little exercise, bad to go after them.  
 I think the woods of the Burrow are wonderful!