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Friday, February 19, 2010

Knitting For Charity Update

...Here are photos of my daughter (the blue) and my (the pink) cat throws we crocheted on MLK Day.  Very appropriate that Jack would pick the boyish color to clean himself on and Lily the girlish color to lay on!  

Kitty endorsed.  :)  

I delivered our finished products just today even though they've been ready for a few weeks.  Now we'll have to make Jack and Lily there very own blankets.  

For anyone seriously interested in the pattern...it was the most simple crochet:  cast on any number you like (we shot for 50) and then single crochet the rows until the entire skein was used up or you are happy with the size.  I believe we used a G or H sized hook.  The edging was just single crochets all the way around.  I used a different color, but my daughter used the same color as the main body of her throw.  

It was very easy to make these; I taught my daughter how to crochet that morning.  I can see myself making many more of these in the future!  What a nice way to use up old yarn...and the cats certainly won't scrutinize ones handy work!  :)

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