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Monday, February 08, 2010

Eye Candy Outdoors...

Friday we were supposed to have a snow storm; 4-8 inches of heavy white stuff.  School was cancelled before the fun even began.  Our town sat on the freezing temps line all day long...just barely at 34 degrees!  Cold, windy, rainy weather.  YUCK!    After 4 in the afternoon the temperature finally dropped enough to make the woods look magical.  
I went out Saturday afternoon with my camera, of course.  
A tiny little pond tucked away in the hills.  
The tree affectionately known as the palm tree by my family.  
Below it was HEADS or TAILS.
Look north (above)...and south (below) for two completely 
different pictures of the woods.
The road ways stayed fairly clear.  One might call it the perfect snow storm!  Tonight we are set to add to our total accumulations.  Usual the old snow melts before a fresh batch arrives.  I know tonight I'll have two teenagers saying their prayers for another snow day!  :)  


parTea lady said...

Your woods sure do look pretty - thanks for braving the cold to take those photos.

comfrey cottages said...

beautiful photos lisa:) you have got so good a taking pictures since i met you!thank you for sharing with us:) i do so enjoy your beautiful pictures of your neck of the woods:) we are getting snow again also. we had had a bit of a melt first so very slick under that snow today! stay warm. sending you big herbal and honey hugs

Hootie said...

I must say, it's all Winston! He has made me not even think about the weather...I really don't feel like I'm braving the cold. I just head out because he needs to head out. A nice excuse I might add!

My kids got their wish for another snow day but I am ready for Spring myself. I keep finding myself looking back at those "color" posts we did for Steph's contest. The snow is pretty, but I am ready for the variety of our next season! :)

comfrey cottages said...

well good job winston getting you out so we could enjoy your pictures! lol yes i agree, i am ready for some color too hon

Kimara@weefolkart said...

Happy Valentine's Day. Hope you are surround by the people you love the most today!