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Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Gnomes in my Home

This gnome in the middle is Pawley.  He's named for Pawley's Island, SC and was created by Tom Clark.  I think I have 29 of Mr. Clark's creations adorning my shelves.  I have collected them for years, but really love TC gnomes with shells as their theme.  A few in my collection came from my Grams.  Long before she passed away she decided she was going to die and needed to clean house.  She really never made a dent in her "stuff" but that is probably common for most people!  

Pawley came from my husband's aunt's house.  She passed away last December, just after we saw her at Thanksgiving.  I have wonderful memories of her, especially when I see Pawley.  She was a beach lover too and we spent many vacations together...several shopping at Pawley's Island!  

Last weekend I tried to go through some boxes of my own "stuff."  How does one part with old photos of family?  Love letters of their parents? And trinkets that are powerful reminders of lost ones?  For me...I put the lids back on the boxes, enjoyed the reminiscing, and decided that another time I'll maybe part with my "stuff"...maybe.  :)

1 comment:

parTea lady said...

I've never seen these type of gnomes before - nice collection.
A friend of mine says that you spend the first half of life accumulating stuff and the second half getting rid of it. Like you said, it's not so easy getting rid of sentimental stuff.