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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

A week ago I bought myself a little present.  That doesn't happen too often!  For Christmas I requested a CD which I did not get...Joshua Bell At Home with Friends.

It is fantastic!  And, it has one of my favorite songs of all time on it...
My Funny Valentine, totally appropriate for today!  I love listening to this whole CD; it has an international feel to it and it makes me very happy!  
Yesterday I got flowers!  
They were from my FIL.  He brought them over and told me it was a little thank you for taking care of him over these past few weeks.  My MIL had been in DC and did get snowed in there due to the snowopcalypse.  While she was away I fed my FIL dinner each night and just made sure all was fine with him each day.  I could tell by the end of the almost two weeks without his wife around he was really starting to miss her.  He's of that generation who is totally capable, but really likes to be waited on.  Old dogs can learn new tricks but they just don't like to...do you know anyone like this?  I accommodate old dogs!  
I have said it before and I'll say it again, I love living next door to my in-laws for this reason...I want to be able to be here to help, when ever! 

This year for Valentine's Day I made my friends some of my homemade coconut butter cream filled bon-bons.  They haven't received them yet though due to the snow we've had and my in-ability to get to school and deliver these treats.  Hopefully tomorrow!  And, if any of them read this blog posting then they will know what else to expect too!  
Thanks to Alison by Hand, I was inspired to make some of my own little containers! What an easy to follow tutorial!  Thanks, Alison.  :)
One of my very special friends will be receiving a little crocheted heart I made.  I found the pattern in an old crochet magazine I picked up while at a book fair with this friend.  The other heart is going to my MIL.  
Here's what Crafting Central has looked like for me lately.  
This morning Winston and I made a special delivery of one of these little containers filled with chocolates and doggie chew treats to a neighbor and her dog, Lovey.  It was so fun to give a valentine to someone who didn't expect it.  
Her smile was priceless!  :)  

What did I receive from my sweetheart you ask?  Well, really only a true love could appreciate his thoughtfulness...my very own gaiters!  Are you familiar with what those are?  They are covers for one's pants from your knee down to your boot/shoe laces.  Here's an example at L.L. Bean...gaiters.  They are perfect for walking in the snow with a dog in the woods!  :)  I've been borrowing his, my DH's, that he's had for 30 years.  It's fine to share a pair, but like today, we both went out together and then only one of us had the benefit of no-snow-sliding-down-our-ankles-and-into-our-shoes.  That was me, btw.  

Maybe tomorrow I'll post a few of the photos I took from our almost three hour Valentine hike!  

I'm gonna listen to my CD again!


Lauranie said...

So happy you had such a GREAT V-day!! Your FIL is AWESOME!!! So sweet and appreciative, makes me understand how wonderful your Hubby is!! I think practical gifts are the BEST!! A lot of THOUGHT has to go into getting something your significant other NEEDS or WANTS...anyone can grab candy and flowers! My SO has a thing for Cards. He loves to spend time finding the "right" one. I am generally NOT a card person, but I make exceptions for him because I know it is his way of expressing his love! :D And can I say...mmmmm...chocolates!! :D

Sarah said...

The homemade coconut butter cream filled bon-bons were sooooooooo good!!! I tried to savor each one to truly enjoy every bite. The little envelope-thinggy is adorable too and has been put away with the rest of my Valentine's Day decorations for next year! Thank you!