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Monday, February 15, 2010

Just the two of us...and our dog!

When you are outdoor loving individuals and have been married for many, many years AND you still have teens at home, the best way to get a little alone time is to take a walk!  Yesterday for Valentine's Day - and as is our Sunday habit - my DH and I took a long walk in the woods with Winston.  The ground had about  6 inches of snow on it, but many others had traveled the paths too.  
In places the creek appeared frozen over.  
This looks like it might be Oriental Bittersweet to me.  
Ten years ago, my Mom and Grams would probably pay good money for this little bunch just to use as decorations!  
Unfrozen, flowing streams to cross.  
The hidden dam once again...from the base this time!  
Water was dripping over it's edge;cascading down the stair steps which hold back the lake above.  
I love the symmetry of this evergreen against the stair ledge of the dam.  
Icicles formed like stalactites off the ridges in the ravines.  
Some even reached all the way to the ground inviting one 
to come see what's behind the curtain.  
We stayed on the trail though...maybe next Sunday.  

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