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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Bluebird of Happiness...Indeed!

Over the past two months I have acquired a dog and a new camera.  I'm sure by now you've read my updates about Winston on his blog...Winston Speaks.  

Probably the most amazing thing about owning him is that he forces me to get outside several times each day.  I have, however, decided I am not a huge fan of walks in the cold rain.  As a retired-hunter, Winston is still always "on" duty.  He's learning that I hunt too, but with my camera.  He knows when I need him to stand still so I can take a few "shots."  Commands and signals are coming along.  

As a new camera owner, I am still feeling my way around.  My well-read manual is close at hand.   I have a few of my Grandma Theresa's bird loving genes in me.  So my walks in the woods with Winston are a treat in my day; especially with camera in hand.  

Last week I was very excited when I saw a flock of Bluebirds eating the Holly berries in my tree out back.  My mood for the day was set when I was able to capture several photos of one of my favorite birds!  I couldn't help but feel my grandmother's passion for these feathered friends creeping through my veins.  
My hometown is just on the northern edge of the Bluebirds winter habitat.  We are so lucky that they will stay here year round.  That means our nesting boxes get used earlier too!  Walking down by the lake I could see it was mostly frozen over again.  Where the stream head meets the lake the ice cold water was crystal clear.  
I have a ton of photos of songbirds who frequent the woods nearby, my yard and feeders.  But, I am always on the hunt for Birds of Prey!  They are really hard to get close to and I don't have a big enough zoom lens to be that far away.  

When Winston and I were out on Tuesday I spotted this owl who was watching us!  I think this is a Barred Owl.  

It's amazing how silent owls are when they fly.  
Recently I spotted this Red Shouldered Hawk nearby too.  He was being chased by some Blue Jays and Crows so he was much easier to notice.  
Finally, I think there must be at least a dozen deer living in the woods behind my house.  There droppings are everywhere and Winston and I spot them ALL THE TIME!  It's almost a non-event seeing a deer any more.  I think they feel the same way about us too.  Usually they will hold their ground and size us up.  Their general protocol is  (1) Watch the potential threat, (2) Stomp your hoof to see if they will turn tail and run, (3) Snort at the threat as you run off.  Usually I stomp my foot back at them.  Winston stomped at this gal which surprised her and made her run.  I am working on teaching Winston "NO" when we see the deer.  He is not allowed to chase them with me.  Loosing my new buddy is the last thing I need!  Good to spot the deer, good to give them a little exercise, bad to go after them.  
 I think the woods of the Burrow are wonderful! 


comfrey cottages said...

wonderful pictures lisa:) yes, a barred owl! how very cool! what an amazingly beautiful environment you live in:)

parTea lady said...

It's great that you and Winston have such a nice area to walk. Your photos are lovely. That bluebird is so pretty and I really enjoyed seeing that owl.

We used to have deer running through our yard when we first moved here, but it is getting too built up now and they are being squeezed out.

Lauranie said...

oh YES!! Your woods ARE wonderful! And how nice of Winston to get you out to enjoy the Winter beauty!! :D