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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Partners in Crime!!!

They always look innocent, don't they?  

Last night, I left a piece of cooked, boneless chicken on the counter while 
I ran to pick up my ballerina from class.  

When I returned home...well, you can guess what was missing!  

Winston, the henchman. 

Jack, the boss.  

Lily, the Queen.  

I think the boss did the dirty work and the henchman 
just cleaned up the evidence, this time.  

The Queen was off sleeping.  She missed out on all the fun.  
I wasn't really upset...I had cooked this for them anyway 
while I was making Chicken Soup for us.  :)


Lisa Leggett said...

Hi Hootie~
What a great idea for the hoodie, I haddn't even thought about something like that! I think Boba Fett is washable, or at least very delicatly. I washed it in my kitchen sink with cold water and Woolite after the embroidery was done because when I had "pressed in" the color, the surrounding fabric looked a little dingy. I don't know if I'd throw it in the wash though...
Ok, you're critters are an adorable little gang! I can totally see them plotting as you grabbed your keys and headed for the door. Gotta love em.

comfrey cottages said...

lmao lisa! awwww your furbabies are so adorable:) lily is a full figured girl like my wisteria is!lol i can tell none of them are spoiled or anything....;-O
love and hugs to you hon:)

Lauranie said...

OMGosh...sooooo FUNNY!!! :D Thanks for making me laugh today!

Kimara@weefolkart said...

LOL... When Tim and I first joined forces 8 years ago, we had a collection of 5 dogs. The first time I made dinner at his house, our husky, ate an entire dutch apple pie that was cooling in the kitchen. The next weekend I had Tim install what came to be known as the "Nikki Shelf". It is my general belief... if you leave it out where they can get it... it's theirs :) They do keep life interesting, don't they?

parTea lady said...

What nice looking animals - smart too.