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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

CSI...In My Backyard (-ish Area), and The Rule of Threes

My year has started out with interesting events.  


Winston and I take long walks several times a day.  I like a little variety, and I have several routes we can take.  
On January 1st, we were about finished with a walk when we came upon something up near a tree.  My son came out to investigate with me after I returned home and commented that I saw a dead cat in the woods.  My daughter alerted me that our neighbors were missing their cat.  Not a good way to start the year.  I am glad I could offer closure to my neighbors, but not happy to find their cat like this!  Doing a little CSI it was determined that poor Dexter's ticker probably just gave out.  No apparent trauma, nothing fishy about this death.   Still, as a cat lover, very hard to observe this.  

A few days after I found Dexter, I convinced my daughter to take a walk with Winston and me.  As I looked out on the frozen lake, at the mid-point of our walk, I noticed what looked like a dead deer!  CALL THE GANG OF CSI!!!  My daughter kindly sent a picture via her cell phone to her brother who responded, "cool".  This death was sort of fascinating to investigate.  We spent a long time pondering the "I bet's..." of the situation.  My daughter was sure something attacked the deer; I do not share her opinion.  

First of all, I do think it's possible that a dog or dogs attacked the deer, but more likely my guess is that the embankment was very steep in this area.  I am sure something spooked this deer.  I suspect she fell down the slope hitting her side on a sharp, broken tree stump.  The "crime scene" looks like she tried to stand and walk a few times, but probably had a gash and bled out.  There weren't many footprints around the body although something was definitely feasting on this carcass after the fact.  Vultures?  Fox?  I don't think a fox is big enough to attack a deer.  Maybe she was shot.  I live nearby so I hope not, but one never really knows without doing a full autopsy.  I do not think it was a coyote or wolf that got her.  For one thing, we still have that three legged deer (Tripod) and that maim-legged deer (Stumpy or Hobbs) surviving.  (Yes, I have named them and I talk to them too when I see them in the woods.)  Secondly, no foot prints or other evidence that these types of hunters are around.  I even went back on day two and saw a much more snacked on carcass.  Still, only little footprints, like those belonging to a fox surrounded the scene.  
On day two of the dead deer Winston and I wandered onto the ice.  I have pictures from that day, but I don't think anyone wants to see those.  Winston was a little disappointed that I wouldn't let him snack on a few rib bones!  

When my daughter and I returned home from our walk on day one she told me she was not going to take any other walks with me since I keep finding dead things.  She also noted that the dead things I am finding are getting bigger; rule of threes you know too.  She has a theory of what I'll find next.  Consequently, I am NOT walking Winston in the retirement village nearby!  :)  


comfrey cottages said...

oh my that is scary considering the rule of threes! lmao at not visiting the retirement village lisa:) xoxox

Brittany said...

Hi there! Thank you for your comment on my blog about the toy horse makeover. I appreciate it!

I love how your kids were so involved in the animal death mystery. Even though it was morbid, it's pretty cool that they got to see that. You're lucky to live in such a natural place!

Nancy G' said...

I love your sense of humor... a bit warped... but great, nonetheless!

Lauranie said...

Hahahaha!!! Love your stories!! What could be bigger than a deer in your area? Do you have bears?