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Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Day Off!

Monday was Columbus Day.  I had to work, but my husband had the day off.  

Our kids went to school at 7...high school starts too early in my opinion.  I don't need to be at school until 9.  My DH drove me to school.  I felt like one of the first graders I work with as I was dropped off at the door.  The ulterior motives of my DH were if he drove me to school he could go into the office for only a few hours and have an excuse to NOT stay all day.  

At noon he picked me up and we went to lunch.  I told him I had his afternoon planned out and he happily accommodated me.  We went to our favorite winery after lunch so we could restock our wine rack.  When we returned home we went for a nice long walk in the woods. 
Although these flowers are in my yard, they just started blooming about three weeks ago.  I can't recall what they are, but I did plant them from seeds.  I am happy to see their little blue blossoms.  
The hues in the woods are looking more yellow.  Under foot the noisy crunch, crunch, crunch of each step alerted the wildlife we are visiting them.  We did see a few white tails jumping away as we walked.  

The lake view is starting to turn yellow and red too!  

It was so still on the lake.  We could hear one other couple talking  on the other bank, across the water.  I think it was just the four of us walking in the woods Monday afternoon.  
Yellow mushrooms... 
A box turtle...  
...and a few bugs, shared our afternoon.  

We made it back home just as our kids got off the bus.  


parTea lady said...

I love seeing all your beautiful photos. What gorgeous surroundings for a walk.

Hootie said...

It is a great place for a walk. From our house we have a three mile trek...which can easily be extended all the way around the lake. But THAT hike adds 3 hours to our normal loop. When I do that I take my camera which adds at least another hour to the walk! :)

Thank goodness for my treadmill to keep me limited on my wandering time! :)