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Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Last week I slipped out of town.  This trip I was not to use social media, at all.  THAT was hard!  I did not do a great job of following the rules.  Oh well, I was pretty good.

This was a driving adventure to visit family and Winston was able to go along.  I was very happy to have company and he was very happy to go for a ride.  My favorite part of this trip may have been his cuddling with me on the bed at night.  He is SO lucky that my relatives have two dogs of their own and love him!

Before I break down my trip, here's a snippet of how the week went:

 Winston's cousins, shared their toys. 

 Went to an Antique Flea Market...note the REAL stuffed Bush Deer, REAL Zebra skin and REAL stuffed goat head.  Interesting.  I couldn't think of a single place in my house that could be enhanced by these treasures.  

 Winston was spoiled.
My Uncle and his wife have a pool, and guess who loved taking a dip whenever he was hot?  
Again, he's lucky they love dogs and him!!!  
 Proof that our cat Lily isn't the only kitty who loves butter!  
This is Scout.
Yes she's on the counter and ON the cutting board.  
She's spoiled too!  :)
 Did some shopping and bought a bikini.  
I decided to prove to myself that I've not completely lost my shape and I am desirable.  
My belly really enjoyed getting sun, it's only been like 10 years! Lol

 Winston tried teaching his cousins how to hunt.  
Finn and Digby are hopeless hunters but big sweethearts! 

 Went to be "frozen" at a place called The Icebox.  
click here for a link to see more on THAT!  

 You'd swear he has his own pool!  
He was such a king.  

 Met "Son of Frampton"as in Peter
...not really, but he was still a cutie!

 Was giggly with my Aunt's best friend, Tim.  
He has the answers to all my problems. :)
I might have to move down to Atlanta after I finish graduate school.

I learned that when valet parking a Maserati at a restaurant
...one never gets a claim ticket
...and the car always sits out front!  

 Got a driving lesson from my Uncle.  
He said I couldn't text while driving.  

 Got my photo in one. fine. car.

I also went exploring a little on my own, but I'll share those postings soon.  
Have I learned anything else from my traveling this summer?  
Yep.  But it's personal. 

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