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Thursday, July 04, 2013

Day 6: High Ho, High Ho...

 Today I decided it was time to do a little hiking!  I headed over to Red Rock State Park because...well, I am in the land of Red Rocks!  And it only cost $10 to get into this park.  The state parks around here, and there five relative close to one another, can charge between $2-$30 per person, per day to enter!
I like that this park is known as an Environmental Education Facility...so I was drawn to it.

I started my day early in hopes of catching a ranger who was going to do a Nature Hike at a set time.  I wanted to take some trail mix with me, because I was planning on hiking most of the day.  Good thing I was a girl scout growing up!  I didn't have any baggies with me, so I improvised...shower cap and sugar/creamer bag as a tie.  It worked!  Of course I had my large bottle of water with me too!

An interesting fact I learned was that a certain person used to have property around here and Cathedral Rock was his view.  Also, a ride called Big Thunder Mountain was inspired due to this area.
Named in Walt's honor...

...his view...

 If you are a Disney nut like me than you'd love knowing that information!  All day long I felt like I was walking around that ride and I kept expecting a runaway train to whiz past.

 Also, I am staying just over 50 miles from Prescott, where the fire that killed 19 firefighters is still burning.  It is very dry here.  I certainly do not mind the lack of humidity, but the fire danger is a very serious thing.

 When I arrived at Red Rock State Park, I did find the volunteer ranger who would be leading me on my hike.  There were just two of us in his group and we were both willing to listen to all the knowledge he had to share.  We saw many different lizards...

 ...A fern fossil in the sandstone rocks...

...and Petroglyphs on the rocks above (look closely, then look at the picture below).

 After he finished taking us around, I was able to sit at the Hummingbird Patio watching the birds for a bit adding several new sightings to my Birds I've see list.

Western Scrub Jay

I'm still working on ID-ing these hummers.  I know for sure they are not Ruby Throated like I have at home.
Black-Chinned Hummingbird (female)...I think!  

Anna's Hummingbird (male)

Hooded Oriole...I think

After I sat for a bit I really wanted to venture out on my own.  There are several trails to hit and if you know me and you read the names of the trails you would easily been able to guess which trail I HAD to do...Eagles Nest Trail.  As I started off, I felt very much a part of the west.  

Cathedral Rock

Self-portrait of the day
I took this self-portrait because I loved the red in this rock wall.  Little did I know I would end up hiking to the top of it!

on top of that Red Rock wall

House of Apache Fires
On the park property but not being used.  
House of Apache Fires was built in 1947, for Jack and Helen Frye by Apache Indians laborers.  The Frye's originally owned the property where Red Rock State Park is located. Jack Frye was the president of TWA.  If you want to read more of the history of this 3000 square foot house, click on the link.  It has an interesting history.
That red rock wall as viewed from Coyote Ridge Overlook

I was at two different look outs and was able to get some beautiful pictures of the named buttes.
Napoleon's Tomb

The Seven Soldiers

After spending the day hiking around I was famished.  I stopped at a wonderful locals favorite spot to eat called The Hideaway.  One of my guides had recommended it early in my trip and a friend who grew up in AZ near by did as well.  I had a sandwich with a spectacular view...
Snoopy Rock
Really, I could have sat here looking at this for the rest of the afternoon!  


What did I learn today?  

I feel more grounded when I can be out in nature.  I was a tad bit nervous as there were signs posted saying THIS IS MOUNTAIN LION COUNTRY and RATTLESNAKES DO LIVE IN THE PARK venturing out on my own. But I know I am a smart person and would not push the envelope if I encountered these creatures.  

When I returned to my hotel I went to have a hot stone massage.  I was reminded that I crave physical contact.  I am missing that in my life right now and although I am strong, I need to be hugged and touched.  

Again, I was reminded of my love of learning and that the world is filled with information I do not yet possess.   
I know I am a smart person, but there are others who have knowledge to share and I enjoy listening, absorbing and asking questions.  

I have a short time left in Sedona before I head to my final adventure and then return home.  

Thanks friends, for following along and supporting me.  

Love, Lisa :)

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Lisa said...

You go girl! I'm proud of you for hiking alone, I might have chickened out and shopped instead. I love seeing some of what you got to see, experiencing your adventure through the lens of your camera. How was the hot stone massage? I've always wanted to try one...