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Monday, July 01, 2013

Day 2: part 2

You'd think, being in a large place like the Grand Canyon I'd be surrounded by a ton of people, right?  Well, I am, but that little something in life that draws a group of people together to experience the same things at the same time seems to be happening here.  There are about 30 people who were with me at the first hotel, next on the train ride here, then on my first tour and finally, although the number of familiar faces dwindled to about 20, on my sunset tour.

Being at such a family and couple filled place one can stand out like a sore thumb.  Waiters and waitress ask, "Where's the rest of your party?" But others who see you all day quickly realize when you are alone.  I also believe that even people who are together for short times, experiencing the same things start to bond and look out for one another.

By the end of the day my fellow travelers couldn't help themselves and they had to find out my story. I was surprised by the person who asked, and surprised when I started to answer how many ears perked up to listen to my response.

The father of a family of four asked the first question.  "Why are you traveling alone?" Well, I started, I have two children ages 21 and almost 19.  My baby just graduated from high school and will be off to college this fall and I am married, for almost 27 years.  I'm in a transitional stage of life right now and after 27 years of taking care of so many others, I've sort of forgotten how to take care of me and do things I like.  I needed to remember how to be independent again.  A slightly older than me lady said, "Everyone should do that at least once ever 27 years!" I smiled and said I was sure most moms could relate to what I was saying.  I noticed several heads shake yes.  I later added that as part of my transition I was going back to graduate school this fall to become a classroom teacher so this was sort of a celebration to myself too. I heard many "Wow" "That's great" "Good for you" comments.  I must say, I didn't need their approval but it was nice to hear none the less.

Soon more questions were being asked and another person commented about my note taking.  My sister gave me a journal in which to write because she knows I LOVE to write down my feeling, experiences, etc.  This journal has rules though.  My sister challenged me to only write positive thoughts. Because I like a fun challenge and in keeping with the spirit of this journal's rules, I have been using it to write facts and interesting things I've head on this trip as well as documenting my travels.  My fellow travelers like knowing what was going in my notes I think!  Were they worried I was writing about them?  I was a little.  That dad who asked me why I was traveling alone...has served in our military, has done several tours over seas and is currently traveling with his family across the US.  They left NC on June 18 and won't return home until July 8th.  I also noticed that he seems to be a risk taker. He's always off to the side of our group and usually at each vista we'd stop at, I'd notice he'd be the one closest to the edge.  See, the mother in me was still panicking!
Enjoy a few of my pictures from Day 2 at the Canyon. :)

with one of our guides...Dick
I LOVED learning all the information he had to share!

My digs for the night...felt like I was at camp!
This is where the main part of the lodge was located.
Here's where I stayed...and it was a good distance from that main part of the lodge!

a sign on the wall just as you enter the Lookout Studio

Lookout Studio

California Condor
Took this picture while I was at Lookout Studio

Sunset is starting to change the canyon

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Lisa said...

Hi Lis~ Well, first I have to start with the canyon pictures, GOR-GEOUS! It't magical, isn't it? Such a special place. I've been to the Grand Canyon twice, once on the way *to* Texas, and once on the return trip to California. It was the summer after my dad died, my mom drove us across the country to be with her family for a few weeks. On the way home she drove out there again, I think she needed all the open space and vastness the Canyon affords. She's been back several times, I think it holds something for her that she can't get else where, which I'm sure it does for many. For my part, I thought it was just awesome, but I was 12, what did I know... on to day three of your jouney!