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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Day 2: I'm not from California and yes, I'm alone...part 1

The first question I heard this morning was, "Are you from California?"

I was thinking maybe I look like some movie star, then I realized I just didn't look like everyone else...tourists of mom's and dad's with kids in tow.  It made me laugh and I sent a message to my sister who said I must look like a hippie.  She was right, I did sort of look like a hippie!  When I said I was from Indiana to the very Native American looking waiter who was helping me with breakfast I thought he was going to ask where was that?  He thought for a moment and said he had a relative who lived in Wisconsin, but their dad had a farm in Blooming??? dale, ville...I helped, "ton".  He smiled.  I should have just said I was from California.

I posted my picture with a cowboy on FB and had a friend text me and tell me to stop picking up cowboys!  After breakfast I went to a Wild West show before boarding my train to the Grand Canyon.

with my Cowboy

The train ride was wonderful!  Just over 60 miles, from Williams, AZ.  Traveling at 40 mph, it was relaxing and a great way to take in the scenery.  I chose to upgrade my tickets to the Luxury Dome ride.  Some of the perks were food, drink, an upstairs domed car, a posh downstairs car to ride in AND we got to go out on the back of the train and hang out if we wanted!  

Pictures from the Train Trip
Special Car to ride in
Sweet Treats and Drinks
Posh downstairs, with Cowboys and Conductors

We knew we were safe from Train Robbers...had the law on our side

Roaming Elk...didn't see any deer nor antelope,
maybe tomorrow though
16 year old, Nick
The Singing Cowboy

Out back!
My reflection on the back door...with tracks
from out back...looking forward

From out back...the view behind

Three baby elk with adults, in the park

Parked at the depot.
I rode in the second car from the end.

It is very late tonight here.  The Internet is super slow and I'm pooped, so I'll add pictures of the Canyon tomorrow.  I'll be traveling back via train in the late afternoon to Williams, AZ.  Planning on checking out the visitors center before I take off and the other bus routes in the park too.

What did I learn today:  

* I liked being here alone.  No complaints, no pressure to stop doing whatever it is I'm doing...because really, I could have spent the entire day just peering out at the canyon, it is just THAT awesome.  

* I do like to meet others.  Pretty much invited myself to have lunch with another lady traveling solo on my Motor Coach tour.  I really do enjoy hearing what others do, where they are from and all the rest of their life story.  Thank you Melinda for sharing your time with me!  :)

* I enjoy learning still!  (Good to know as I start Graduate school in another month and a half!) The guides were great sources of knowledge and I LOVED all they shared!!!  

I promise I'll post about my Motor Coach tour, the Sunset Tour and being asked about traveling solo by others on those tours tomorrow.  

Thanks again, kind readers, for sharing my adventure!  ~Hootie

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Lisa said...

I'm finally just getting a chance to read through all your posts, wow! What an adventure, this is so exciting! That fancy train car is really neat! I hope to travel by train one day.