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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Day One: Head in the Clouds...

Sometimes, you have to go backwards to go forward! 

What was I thinking!

Three flights in one day; one in the wrong direction, two delays. Car to rent, Hotel to find.

I had a lot of time to think today and ponder human beings.

*I took a shuttle up to the airport from Bloomington.  Six of us and the driver rode in silence for the hour long drive.  Five out of six passengers were sleeping.  Guess they weren't parents.

*Looking down on Earth from above I was able to realize what an amazing place we inhabit.  I watched the terrain change as I traveled East and then West.

*I lost a cuff bracelet that my mom gave me for a birthday long ago...left it in the plastic security basket accidentally.  It sucked realizing that I left it when I was all ready belted into my seat and ready to take off.  Hopefully someone else will enjoy it and have a great story to tell.  So I visited the feeling of loss today.  Loss sucks.

*As I was on the long plane ride from Charlotte to Phoenix I really had time to think.  Emotions started running wild and I felt tears on the edge of my lower lids threatening to spill down my cheeks.  Loss sucks.

*Tonight, as I had a very late (per my time schedule) dinner.  There were many families around tables.  It sucked to be alone!  But, I did notice I had a glass of wine and was totally enjoying it while others had soft drinks.  Being alone one feels more at ease with having a drink. Being with kids you are always on the clock.  The longer I sat and sipped my wine, the more I was able to notice that at just about every table there was tension and crankiness.  Raising a family is tough.  I felt envy as I looked at an older couple dining together.  Then it sucked to be alone again.

*Picking up my rental car I thought it would be awesome to try something different.  I booked a Prius.  Very spiffy!  Have I ever driven a Prius before? NO!  THAT was fun!  Actually it is really cool.  I usually drive a Toyota Sienna around town,  I like not being in such a boat.  :)

*Thought I'd be smart and bring our Garmin GPS with me.  Ten days of driving ahead.  After several attempts to load in Williams, AZ I gave up and had to use my dying phone to get me to my hotel.  I had the cell phone car plug packed somewhere and I eventually found it once I got to the hotel.  After dinner I realized the GPS only has maps for the eastern part of the US loaded into it.

Overall analysis of today:

Emotions: Still have them

Guilt of leaving home to do this trip: Still with me

Pride in being able to plan, execute and experience a trip like this by myself:  Off the chart happy!  Although I'd love to experience it with others and I'm sort of bummed that my husband and I never were able to bring our kids here as they were growing up.

Excitement for tomorrow's adventure:  CAN'T WAIT TO SHARE IT WITH YOU ALL!!!

Missing people and furry kids at home:  Yep.  Big time.

Best thing I saw today:  Freida.  She was with her girls across the aisle from me from Charlotte to Phoenix.  She stayed under their seats.  Very Cool!  Worried though that Winston will find out and be sad I didn't bring him.  Shh!

 Funniest Thing I Saw Today:  A collar in the Skymall Magazine to cool off a hot pooch!

NOT buying this for Winston!

Thing that made me nervous:  Maintenance repair on our Puddle Jumper just before we boarded!  And it was 117 degrees here.  The flight attendant told us if it reached 177.75 degrees they shut down the airport!  Thank goodness I made it to my final destination in a timely manner.

Tomorrow's adventure:  Train ride to the Grand Canyon and Motor Coach Tour of the South Rim, and spending one night AT the GC!  :)

I can't wait to see what I discover tomorrow!  Night all.


The Poplar Grove Schoolhouse said...

Lisa, this is so fabulous. I have NEVER traveled on my own for a pleasure trip, and I am SO proud of you for doing it. I went to a Zen class in our Sunday School hour last Sunday and was supposed to practice savoring a meal (to report back this week), and haven't had the mental space to do it all week; you can! Love all your observations. You will miss your fam, and you will feel alone, but that is part of your adventure. Do it for the moms at home, like me. MKP

Esmerelda said...

Hey--good for you Lisa! I did my own walk-about when I was younger--way before kids. I applaud your trip and applaud you! You go girl!

Write often, send pictures.