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Monday, June 17, 2013

Recycling...I Swear!

So, if you read my blog you might know that I like to take photos when I walk my dog.  And you might know that we don't just walk, we hike several times a day.  And you might also know that I have a decent camera, not just a point and shoot.  But you probably don't know that the skorts I wear do NOT have pockets that can hold a smart phone!  I've been looking in stores and online for some time on a way to solve my dilemma of needing to hold my phone in my hand when I take it with me.  I cannot leave it at home...that is NOT an option.  I did buy a Vera Bradley wallet that can hold my cell phone, but I really do not want to take my wallet into the woods each time I head out.

I am the sort of person who knows what I'd like and if I can't find it...I'll find a way to make it.  So, looking at 'how to's' I found this:  Blog with tutorial for making a cell phone holder.

Using the bottom part of an old pair of jeans, that are now shorts, and some other scrap material this is what I did today!

Using this nifty sewing machine I got from my mom...I embroidered a cool design on the jean material

I could get addicted to this kind of crafting!

Ta Da!  

I LOVE the finished product!  I added a clip that I can easily snap on and off my camera strap.  The wrist strap is actually the hemmed bottom edge of my jeans!  The inside material is leftover from some Rip and Tear napkins I made awhile back.  Do you need that link again?  Click here:  Rip and Tear Napkins at Wee Folk Art Blog!

I tell you, we stopped using paper napkins about two years ago.  I don't think I will ever be able to go back!  :)

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