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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Lycan Chronicles - Book Review

In late June, I commented on FB...yes, I enjoy Facebook...that I would blogging more here than posting there.  Part of me wanted to document my travels. The other part of me wanted to get back into being creative, and write - Pre Facebook, if you will.  Posting on FB is fine, but sometimes it seems filled with braggers or causes.  At least here on my blog, if what I write is read, then it is read.  If not, I'll never be any wiser.  I know how easy it is to fall into the FB trap; Only x number of ppl liked that, how come THEY aren't my friend too?, etc.  There are a lot of ways people can use Facebook to make themselves feel valued.

I like to see what my friends are up to in their lives.  I don't "like" every comment I read...but I do smile when I see happy things, pray when prayers are needed and offer moral support if I can.  For me, the connections and reconnection's I have made through FB have been a blessing.
When I commented about my blog on FB, I had a friend ask if I'd read his book and then comment.

Well, Of Course!

Full disclosure to anyone who reads this posting:  I am friends with the author.  He and I did attend high school together as classmates.  We went to a very small public school and literally everyone knew everyone.

Lycan Chronicles is a self-published book.  The story takes place mostly in a small town in southern Indiana. It is a story of Vampires vs Lycans.  Lycans are a form of werewolf: being able to can control when they transform.  Classic good versus evil.

I found this story to be very creatively written.  There are twists and turns, and unbelievable connection which made it fun to read.  While this story was filled with a lot of violence...much more than I enjoy...it did seem true to what Vampires and Lycans may be like if they were dealing with one another.   I found it hard to connect with many of the characters because shortly after being introduced most had the misfortune of not being in the story any longer.  I guess that is what can happen if you cross the path of a vampire.  I spoke to the author after I finished reading his book and told him my concerns of editing issues.  He assured me he is aware of the problems and has a hacker who is the bane of his existence.  I think that stinks, because my belief is better editing would help launch this book into main stream.  It really was a creative story!

As I stated upfront, I have known the author for most of my life but I really had no clue THIS was running around his brain.  Well done, Brent!  I look forward to reading your next tale.

If you happen to be interested in purchase one of Brent's books, click here:  Lycan Chronicles.


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