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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

The Maternity Ward

^^^              brown clump = baby 
 A few weeks ago I spotted a tiny little fawn in my neighbors yard.  It was not a newborn, but it was pretty small.  Mrs. L and I had just been talking up in her garage too!  As I walked away, I did a double take, tied Winston to a pole, got my neighbor back out of her house and went to inspect the visitor.  She tells me that over the past 40 some years she's had many baby fawns hang out in her yard.  Mrs. L was formally trained as a nurse so she and I decided she's got the perfect maternity ward requirements.  No pets, great soft, green grass, and a resident who won't try to rescue a baby who is resting and was NOT abandoned!

A week later, Mrs. L reported her yard being a lactation facility too.  Apparently her backyard has just the right amount of privacy!  :)
Did you say, "Aw?"  How about this, yesterday W and I were walking in the woods.  Now you know he IS a hunter, but he and I walked two feet away from a resting on the ground fawn.  The poor little one was trying so hard to sink into the surrounds and become invisible.  I saw it, but W didn't!   I think it's true that baby deer DO NOT have much scent.  No pictures from yesterday, if only I had another set of hands...I was too busy making sure I had a tight grip on some one's leash, just in case.

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