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Friday, February 24, 2006

Christian...who is?

So what's my brother's problem?

Our mom turned 64 yesterday. Earlier this past week I tried to set up weekend plans for us to travel to a mid-way city, where my brother happens to live so we can all celebrate together. He got mad at me for not asking him first and just inviting everyone. I guess he doesn't really want to participate, but if he doesn't he'll look like the "bad guy"...since it's only a thirty minute drive for him.

We do have a less than wonderful past history with our mother. She does love her baby most of all...everyone can see that. But, it is her birthday and I hope we can just enjoy the time together. The past is the past. Sometimes that's easier to say than to live by, but it's the truth.

Our dad died suddenly too long ago and his death really did emphasize that life is too short. My brother tends to speak his feelings...good or bad. He has a lot of negative thoughts that come out. I am a pleaser so I'll do what I can to make things good for everyone. Even if that means I get the raw end of a deal so someone else can be happy.

Enough of this....complaining gets you no where. Therapy is better.

Families!!!!! Yikes!

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