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Monday, December 18, 2006

Digging in the dirt...

Three children. That means it can be two against one. Who is the swing vote/decesion maker?

I think that role falls to me.

It will be time to stir things up and get my mom's house cleaned out. We will need to decide who gets what, etc. Money will become the focal point.

There are all ready problems with the third born, who lives the closest in proximity, being the only one who has a key to the house. She seems to feel she is more deserving of "stuff" than the other two. At least that is the second borns opinion. I tend to see his point. But I see her point too in that #2 in the past has been untrustworthy. Do I think he has changed? He does seem overly religious. Maybe he's paying for his past sins.

#1 - me - the pleaser
#2 - has always felt he's being cheated out of everything
#3 - the spoiled, late-in-life, baby: has never suffered - EVER, received everything she's ever wanted

How will this all play out?

Time will tell...

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