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Friday, January 05, 2007


Tonight my siblings and I will meet at the old house. We need to discuss our plans on dispersing with the memories there. Both physical and emotional memories will need to be gone through.

Three children. Three sets of emotions. Three different ways of doing things. One roof.

I wonder if we will cry, argue and or hold grudges. I wonder how we can get through this. How do we physically get rid of things and how do we emotionally get rid of things? How do we get through this and not have hard feelings and still love one another? Or do we lose those relationships in the end? What will prevail and what really matters in the end? Our parents created the three of us, but did they ever think we'd be there for each other later in life? Does any parent ever think about this part of parenting? I haven't. Do I care if once I am gone if my kids love one another or stay in touch? Honestly, I think it's not my concern. I really only care if they love me and are good human beings. That seems selfish but honest. Maybe my emotions are just jaded right now.

It will be interesting to see what this weekend brings.

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