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Friday, March 28, 2008

Special Moments...

A few weeks ago my friend celebrated her 20th wedding anniversary, alone with her husband. They sent their kids away to be with family for the time while they went to a local state park, spent a few nights at the inn and went for an adventurous bike ride. It was cold, they traversed flood waters and a wooden bridge. They mostly just shared time together. Romantic certainly is the word that comes to mind, although if you check out her blog on this you'll see it was anything but! Still, how wonderful that they were able to put themselves first and share time. Twenty years together is a wonderful accomplishment. My friend and her husband grew up very near each other and have been friends since like 5th grade! How cool is that?!

Tomorrow night they will quietly renew their vows with a small gathering of family and friends. After their private time they will open their evening to the many others who love them too. No presents is requested on the invitation, but somehow I can't do nothing! A bride needs something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. Here's my take on what my friend will have with her when she renews her vows:

Something Old: her husband!...and her wedding ring back from the jewelers.
Something New: her dress and shoes.
Something Borrowed: the residence where we'll spend the evening.
Something Blue: the hankie I made her!

Although her wedding colors were peach, I included a small icon of interlocking blue rings on her hankie. I can't wait to go give this to her. I am waiting for her to call; she's having her nails done with her mom as I type this.

I find it interesting how much closer people can feel to their friends than their own family. Why is it that we are willing to work on those relationships that aren't blood more than we are those that are? Maybe as human beings we should look at all our relationships as people we can befriend. Forget the blood. I'll bottle my thoughts on blood-relationships for another time. Right now it's time to think about and celebrate my friends! How blessed I am!


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