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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Hyper-miler and the Bear Hunt

About 20 mile into our fresh tank of gas - just past Morgantown, W. Virginia - our transmission seemed to be acting up!  

We limped the last 200 miles to our in-laws house near DC.  We would creep 40 mph up the hills, which were really mountains; and then hold our arms up for the roller coaster ride hitting 70+ on the downhill slope.  It was truly a lesson in being a hyper-miler.  

Every so often I'd see a wildlife sign with a deer and a bear silhouette on it.  Wouldn't it be great to see a bear!?  We certainly were creeping a long at times and my camera was just itching to snap that shot.  

After making the 600+ mile return trip and nay a problem with the transmission, my husband was able to disconnect, then reconnect the fuse which caused our check engine light to turn on.  

Can't wait for our next adventure...I wonder when, and where, we'll get stuck!  I hope there is cell service.  :)

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