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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Habit or Tradition

Today is the first day of our school year here in Southern Indiana.  My oldest child is a sophomore in high school and my youngest is in the eighth grade.

I recall being a teary-eyed mom when my oldest first went off to kindergarten.  As we went out the front door that morning, to make the short walk to school, I had my camera at the ready.  "Stand here."  I directed.  My obedient little boy stood and smiled at me while I clicked away a half a dozen pictures.  

Last night, I silently reminded myself to set out my camera.  Five minutes before my children walked out the door to catch the bus this morning I said, "Oh,  One more thing..."  

"Mom!  NO!"  

I plead my case, " This is a tradition!  I have taken a first day of school photo since the beginning!  Since pre-school really!"  I was lucky to be allowed one photo; inside the house and no smiles.  

Another part of my first day of school tradition is to make chocolate chip cookies.  Only two more years until I retire this tradition for my son. 

1 comment:

Esmerelda said...

You can always make a portion for me. I loovvveee chocolate chip cookies.

xo Esme