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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Magic of the Night...

... or Evening Walks, in my neck of the woods.

We've had snow stay on the ground longer than normal this season. The snow makes evening and night walks look magical! An easy 10-minute walk from our house gets Winston and me (or my DH) over to a retirement village. In the spring and summer this pond is Winston's favorite place to hunt for frogs. I've noticed that the only footprints around here in the snow are ours and the deer.

I think the pond looks very romantic!
Another wonderful sight to see is this humongous Tulip Poplar tree! When the weather warms up I'll try to get a photo of one (or two of us) at the base of this tree. It doesn't look it in this photo, but it's at least 6 feet across. Surely it must be one of the oldest in this county.

Hope you are able to get out enjoy whatever winter is offering up too! :)

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Comfrey Cottages said...

You are right! That pond looks so romantic and I can just imagine chilling in the gazebo. How absolutely wonderful that the retirement village has such a lovely spot:)
Adore that tulip poplar!The lot behind us has a huge one I will take pics of to show you sometime. It hangs partially over our property and my bees adore it! so magical when those unusual flowers sometimes drop whole to my gardens. Thanks for the midnight stroll. If we were neighbors I think we would have to build a little clubhouse in your woods xx