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Saturday, December 10, 2011

PIF- Handmade...with a touch of Hootie

Last January, on Facebook, a friend put out a request for other crafting souls to take place in a Pay-it-Forward Handmade post.  I decided to play along.  The only requirements were that you re-posted the "rules" and sent out something you made to people (who commented on your posting)...and you had a year to do it.  Thank goodness for that time!  It only took me 10 months to make and then send my little treats!  

I decided to do something Hootie-ish.  I learned how to knit dish cloths back in the mid-eighties from my husband's Gma.  It's a pretty basic knitting pattern.  Sugar and Creme is the yarn and size 6 are my needles.  You are staring at one corner and increasing by one stitch each time after the initial 4 stitches.  Knitting only for this pattern!  Cast on 4, knit those 4, then K2 (knit 2), YO (one), knit to the end for every row until you have between 40 and 44 stitches on your needle.  To go back down you K1, K2T (knit 2 together), YO, K2T and then knit to the end...until you only have 4 stitches left.  K2T, K2T...then you should only have 2 stitches left.  Knit those 2 together and bind off.  Easy, peasy, lemon, squeezy!  

Well, to make my basic dish cloth a little more Hootie-ish...I found this FREE pattern: Owl dish cloth.  

But of course that wouldn't be enough for my friends!  In my household, we can easily run a knife in the kitchen sink over a dish cloth and make a hole.  Hence, our dish cloths don't last as long as they should/could.  I won't name names, but this seems to only happens when that DH of mine washes dishes...could it be his secret ploy for getting out of dish washing???  
I wanted to send a little something else that would last longer too.  Inspired by a local artist, Lindsay Hine Schroeder's felt Owl ornament I had bought at a handmade store, I made a "flock" of owls!  

Part of the rules for the PIF were to send treats to five friends.  Since I have a hard time limiting myself...seven friends responded, seven packages were sent!  :)

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Lauranie said...

YAY!! for craftiness!! These are all so lovely...great job!! I hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas season!! xoxo