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Thursday, May 02, 2013

Mocha Lisa's Homemade Mocha Frappuccino Recipe

It is suddenly feeling like summer here and I need an afternoon cup of java!  

Here's my suggestion for a fun afternoon drink 
and directions on how to make it.  


First: You'll need some leftover, cold coffee from the morning and chocolate syrup.  

 Depending on what kind of a day you are having, 
you will either want to use milk (I use Skim) or Half & Half and a little bit of sugar. 
Trust me, it makes all the difference!!!
Skim Milk=less calories
Half & Half = full flavor
 The last ingredient to add...the ice cubes!
 Add all together and Frappe for about a minute.  
You can tell you need new appliances when...
their color says 'circa 1986'

 Top with whip creme and an old Starbucks straw.  
Did you notice my new Rip-and-Tear Napkins?
Who, who, who do you think made them?  
Mmmm.....the best!  

Mocha Lisa's Mocha Frappuccino  Recipe

1 C cold coffee
1 C Half and Half OR milk
1 TBS sugar
2-3 TBS Chocolate Syrup
1 C ice cubes
Whip topping, optional, but I wouldn't leave it off!  

Add all together in a blender and Frappe for about a minute until smooth.  

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