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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Continuing the Journey...

Two years, two months and 13 days have passed 
since my Independence Day.  
I put the dates into a 'days past' generator to find that out.  
I am not keeping track.   

I would not go back to my past life.  
I was so limited and held back.  

I intimidated the person whom I thought was my partner because he couldn't handle my glow.  

I am healing, and learning to love again.  
I am re-evaluating what it is that I have to offer the world.  
I am not dating, nor do I have someone in the 'picture'.  
I haven't loved myself for a very long time.
In order to be able to love someone else, I must first love myself.  

No more accepting life as status quo.   

I am a product of the perfect combination of genes 
which my parents brought together.  

I was created, I did not create myself.  

My complexion, my eyes, my smile...all gifts from my parents.  
I don't see my parents in myself, 
but I feel them in my heart.  
My naturally curly hair, thank you dad, 
and has a mind of it's own.  
I love to let it be free.  
I like that my hair may look different each time I look in the mirror.  
I makes me unpredictable. 

I have joy in my heart, and it oozes out. 
I am truly grateful for all I have.  

I choose positivity in life.  

I enjoy making a difference, even if it's just 
for one person, 
one animal, 
or our beautiful Earth.  
I do love the world around me, and I love others.  

I like to hear what someone young, or old has to say.  

I am a listener, a thinker and a problem solver.  
I look at others and wonder, what is their life story?  
I look at things and think, is there a better way to do that?  

I am a born teacher.  

I have patience.  

I am curious.  
I want to know how and why things work as they do.  

I marvel at simplicity and complexity. 

I am generous with my time and talents.  

I like taking care of others.  

I am maternal.  

I am creative.  
Art and music drive my spirit.  
Music is in every fiber of my being, and it colors my world.    

I thrive when I can share my passions.  

I feel the Universe tingles, 
and that makes my soul happy.  

~Lisa Kroll
    spreading Love, Understanding, Positivity

Go listen to The Power of Peace CD by the Isley Brothers and produced by Carlos Santana.  
released on July 28, 2017

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