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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Unbelievable...The roller coaster keeps adding turns

Unbelievable. I don't even know what else to say.

On Sept 17th, my step dad, who is 58, suffered a stroke. Actually, several strokes we now know. He fell down a small flight of stairs and laid at the bottom for over 20 hours before he was found. When they get him into ICU they discover he not only has suffered several strokes, he also has an arotic aneurysm AND an infection in his brain, along with a 103-104 degree fever...He ends up having West Nile, could this be the infection and fever? The doctors don't know. He's been in ICU since then and on Friday, Sept 29th he was moved to a more private facility. He has been mom's main caregiver.

On Sept 27th, mom gets the news of her MRI results. It isn't good. The cancer is back. It has jumped to the other side of her brain and is growning backwards too. There is nothing more the doctors can do. She's been given 3-5 months to live.

On Sept 28th, mom has a seizure. She takes a trip to the ER, they up her seizure meds.

She's very scared of dying. She's worried she doesn't have faith in God.

Over the weekend we try to surround her with family. She's very nervous. Her body is having trouble, it doesn't do what she needs it to do these days. Walking is very tough. She wears Depends all the time. She's very tired. She doesn't know that Art doesn't know about her cancer being back.

On Sunday, Oct. 1, she develops a slight fever of 100. Her throat is sore.

On Monday, Oct. 2, She gets more anxiety med. She also goes to PT. The can't do PT, her left foot drags and doesn't work like it should. Her PT is a friend of hers and will start making house calls.

Tuesday, Art's fever is back. It's at 102.4. They have been giving him Tylenol and icing him down. I talk to mom and she's sounding tired. I told her I called to check on Art and she asks how he is. I don't tell her the latest. I just told her he's about the same.

This is real life. It feels so surreal.

87 year old Grandma seems the best of the lot. But she's really sad about her daughter dying. One minute she says she's not ready to let her go yet. The next minute she tells my mom they should go together.


This Sunday my sister and I have been quickly working on having a celebration party for our mom - a living funeral if you will. I wonder is mom will be mentally with it for that.

I am ready to get off this roller coaster and go back to my old life.

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