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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Background, sadness, Jasper, DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!!!!

Once upon a time...there lived a sad peasant girl. She grew up the oldest of three children. Full of responsibility and good morals. When she grew up she found out that life is not fair. She had two children of her own and her youngest drove her wack-o!

The peasant girl was full of woe. If you just looked at her blog you could see it in her background choice.

Maybe someday the peasant girl will start to enjoy the world around her and not be so scared. What is there in life that we need? Nothing. We could just die. So, why change a background? Who cares? No one reads this anyway so who cares?

"I do!" Said a fair princess. "I love blogs, and pretty peasant girls! What else is there on the internet to read?" Life is great and everyone should get to change it up, or their backgrounds! Especially the sad boring ones, hint-hint!"

"I don't write with quotes! And I won't change my background until six years pass and Jasper comes to rescue me!"

"There is no Jasper! It's all in your head woman!"

Jasper is real...he just hasn't come into my life yet. But in six short years I will break free from this sadness that encumbers me and run free in the fields with my Jasper!

"You forgot your quotation marks, and you don't live by a field, and there is no Jasper!"

Dreams my dear. They are the little things that make life worth living....even if it's not fair. Now speaking of unfair...DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Never! You'll never catch me alive, Ha! Ha! Ha! I guess what I'm trying to say is: What is a rose without any thorns, there must be something bad to all good or else it is not worth pricking yourself to pick it. But Your blog is neither good nor worth looking at unless it has some petals to go with those thorns. So CHANGE YOUR BACKGROUND!!!!!!!"

Profound, but you still need to go do your homework. This conversation can go on another day. Until then...six more years and then ahh, Jasper!

Conversation over...

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