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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Kitchen Window Eye Candy

When I moved from my old house, I knew I would say goodbye to one of the birds I enjoy the most. Bluebirds are more of a field bird then a woodlands dweller. They do nest in cavities, but they prefer a more open area to live and raise their young. In a similar house setting to mine, my grandmother had hoped and prayed for Bluebirds to come and inhabit her wooded lot. After 10+ years of annual spring sightings, she finally had a pair of Bluebirds nest in the box she provided. It was true joy for her soul.

Within two months of moving into my old house I set up a Bluebird box, a birthday present from my Grams (the BB house) and my FIL (the pole), and was very successful in having Bluebird tenants over the years. My guesstimate would be that I witnesses 80 fledglings and their parents come through my boxes.

As a conscientious Bluebird enthusiast, when I moved a few months ago, I took my boxes with me. Not because they are great boxes, they are very worn and one needed to be thrown away, but because it was my responsibility. There is a certain code of ethics one must have when setting up a house for any bird. Non-native, invasive species need to be managed. Since I was moving, the birds I encouraged to roost all those years would now need to find others close by who would be as diligent in managing the area.

Recently I have put up the one salvageable Bluebird house I still have. Bluebirds can over winter in our area, but they do need boxes to retreat to in case of foul weather. I am hoping to encourage a pair of Bluebirds to reside here next spring! Planting the seed if you will. Since moving into the Burrow, I have heard several singers of the Bluebird song when I am out working in the yard. Last Sunday afternoon, I came home and saw a very familiar site out of my kitchen window. What a treat to actually see a pair of Bluebirds checking out my place!

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