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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Several weeks back I decided to actually give Facebook a try.  

I've had an account for about a year.  It was one of those things I needed to get some info about a summer camp program.  It seemed good at the time and it was helpful.  

This time I actually decided to see if I could re-connect with some old friends via this social networking site.  I did!  In fact, that was a good thing.  I have reconnected with a few girl friends I knew when we were all much, much younger - before grade school for two of them!  I find it fascinating to see the adults they have grown into.  I have fond memories of all these ladies.  

But, I also have a few people I said okay to being "friends" with that I really need to un-friend/de-friend.  How does one go about that? And what is the correct term I am looking for? I really don't need to know the details of their lives they seem to think everyone needs to know.  And, I don't want to share-all with them either.  Am I wrong to say, "oops sorry, don't want to be your friend anymore?"  They are kind enough souls, I just really don't want to know every little thing.  

I have all ready blocked one person's status updates.  If absolutely nothing else is happening with any of my "other" friends, then I will get that update.  Even then, I don't need it!  More importantly, I DON'T WANT IT!  Way To Much Information!  

I feel guilty for even partially blocking these updates.  I find myself not even checking into the Facebook site that much anymore.  Maybe that's the best option.  

Last week I decided to try Twitter.  After about 10 minutes, I had enough of that.  I don't want to "follow" others!  

I think I am getting older...starting to show my age!  I don't quite feel with the times right now.  


Steph said...

It's such a dilemma! I'm in the same ball park - it's like high school all over. uugh. You can "unfriend" someone without a notice going them. The only way they will tell is if they truly realize you don't show up in their list.

To remove a friend, go to your friends list and click the X on the right. You'll get a warning asking if you really want to do that.

Steph said...

PS - You can also select "see less of" this person if you don't want to unfriend them. On the home page, move your mouse over that name....and select see less of.

Hootie said...

Thanks Steph for the information-

It is like high school! One can feel inferior if they don't have as many "friends" as someone else. Then you have those hurt feelings if you "let go" of someone...kind of like breaking up via the internet! Yuck! Been there, done that, not wanting to go back!

sweetcakes said...

The more I hear about FB, the happier I am not to participate.

How do you have the time to keep up with everything? I barely can keep my blog up to date. ;)