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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

What Time is it in Indiana?

Just when my kids were starting to get a little day light for their walk to the school bus in the morning...Spring ahead time.  

This weekend it will be time to change our clocks.  

In March, I don't mind the extra hour of evening daylight, but in June, I think having the sun up until almost 10pm is a bit much.  

Thank goodness for cell phones.  They are a wonderful source to keep one current on what time it is wherever one goes.  


Steph said...

I am SO in agreement with you. I think we should be in central time. (sigh)

Hey - check out my blog today. I'd really like your opinion!

Steph said...

I'm first in line for book 3! :-)

Hootie said...


If you happen to get and read #3 soon, I have #4 from the library until the 13th. I am trying to encourage my daughter to read it right now, but she's feeling the weight of school. She may end up borrowing her friend's book over break.