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Friday, December 04, 2009

Christmas Freebie! R U Ready?

Tonight is the night to get into the Christmas spirit!  
You don't even have to leave home!!!  
At 8 pm tonight and Saturday night, or 2 pm on Saturday and Sunday, Indiana University will present Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker Ballet.  

You can sit at home in your PJ's and watch it!  For Free!  Just before show time, Build a fire in your fireplace, warm up your computer, grab a cup of cocoa and click on this link:  Nutcracker Live Stream!

I'll be watching on-line tonight too!  Then, I'm helping out tomorrow afternoon and will be attending the show on Sunday with my family.  If you watch on Sunday, I'll be way down front and just off center.   I'll stand up and I'll wave to the camera just a few minutes before show time!  And as a bragging mom...this is my baby in the tutu being laced up above.  She's in the first act as a Lead Officer (blue jacket, not red; but impossible to pick out in the crowd if you aren't her mom).  In the second act she's a Trepak (What we all think of as the Russian dancers).  When the Trepak girls follow the boys in a line, she's first.  

I love IU's production of The Nutcracker, especially when it snows on stage!  

I hope you enjoy this little gift.  
~Hootie  :)


Lauranie said...

How exciting!!! She must be over the MOON!! As well as proud momma and daddy!! :)

comfrey cottages said...

what a sweet gift lisa! i will try to arrange things so i can watch also. you are sooo sweet:) xoxo