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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Holiday Travels and Food!

We spent 14 hours driving in our van, from Wednesday afternoon until 6 am on Thanksgiving.  We traveled from Indiana to the coast of South Carolina.  

Dinner was not a home cooked meal.  It was nice to share the time with family, but GOSH I MISSED THE FOOD!  It wasn't until a few days later that I realized how much I missed all that home made stuff.  

We returned home late on Sunday night.  On Monday I needed to do a little grocery shopping.  Turkey legs were on sale!  For dinner on Monday I made smaller portions of some of the meal we had missed:  Turkey, mashed potatoes (not from a box!), gravy (from the turkey drippings), stuffing (okay, this was from a box...I only had legs, not a whole turkey to work with), cranberry sauce (real cranberries cooked on the stove top with water and sugar, etc) and green beans.  Mmmm.  The week before we traveled I did make sweet potato casserole to go with a ham we had, so I didn't make that again.  

I made myself a pumpkin pie on Tuesday night!  Now I am ready for the Christmas season.  :)  

Hope you all had your favorites to eat last week!  Next in my kitchen...Christmas Baking!!!


parTea lady said...

Wow, eight or nine hours of driving doesn't seem bad by comparison to your trip. Glad you enjoyed the family visit and made it back safely.

I know what you mean about the food. My family loves the traditional turkey with stuffing and all the other dishes you mentioned. I always bake pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving and pecan pie (hubbies favorite) at Christmas.

Lauranie said...

Thankfully our trek is only 2 hrs or less...depending on Baton Rouge traffic...but THE FOOD is why we go!! We had 2 fried Turkeys and then my hubby fried one for us to bring home for the sandwhiches!!! mmmmmm!! Good for you for coming home and making that meal...it is good for the SOUL to have a Thanksgiving meal every year...regardless of the DAY!! :D I am LOVING those butter cookies on Wee Folk...that is what I will be baking SOON!! :)