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Sunday, March 14, 2010


Spring has finally sprung in my neck of the woods!  Yesterday I noted this first flower:  Harbinger-of-Spring, aka Salt-n-Pepper, popping up near the stream.  

It's such a tiny little flower, if you aren't down by the stream floor you might miss it!  I read it's called Salt-n-Pepper because if you pick it, as it starts to dry out the little red stamen turn black.
Above is the foliage of the Spring Beauty, 
another early bloomer.  
I'll be looking for these blossoms over the next few weeks.  
Textures are starting to come alive in the woods too!  
Flower leaves, moss and tiny little ferns
 lay at the base of many trees.  
Stepping back a bit, here's what that mossy area 
two photos above looks like at a distance.  
Even with a lack of soil, these little bulbs have survived the winter and form a little cluster of lush green on the wood floor.  
I noticed that the Towhee's are singing again too!  
Can you see him sitting in the middle of this photo?  
At my kitchen window... a bouquet of Snow Drops.  
I find the awakening
 of flora and fauna in the Spring 
refreshing for my soul!  

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sweetcakes said...

Spring is my most favorite time of the year! Love the pictures!