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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Happy Spring!

On Sunday, we celebrated Easter in our household. Over the past 24 years of celebrating ANY holiday with my in-laws, it is common practice to have "extra" guests join us. Since it's inception, my MIL has been part of a group that welcomes the international students studying here at the university. The group is called Bloomington Worldwide Friendship. Unlike a host program where students come and live in ones house, BWF connects these faraway from home kids with people who will invite them over for dinner or other typical American life events. International students can't just head home for the weekend, so BWF encourages local friendships. Once students are matched with a host, they remain "connected" for the entire time the students are studying here. There are no requirements for getting together. My MIL, who is an active lady and always thinks of others, invites her students to BB games, concerts, the farmers market, church, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas and any other event she thinks might be interesting to them. If you are lucky enough to know my MIL, you know an amazing lady!

I took these photos and everyone agreed I could post them here. So, here's a glimpse at our family and friends!

The Dining Room group:
Zhen, Sunnie, my FIL (Bill), Joe, Zhixu Su (wife of Yi), my MIL (Kate).
Sunnie and Joe are NOT students! They are parents of one of the students at dinner (Elise) who happens to be the girlfriend of one of our gang. Elise is from West Virginia.

The Outside diners:
My baby girl, Shulan, my son, Jialu, Lu, Haitao

The Sun Room diners:
Elise, Harald, my DH, Yi (Xshu's DH)

Zhixu Su and Yi made and brought this very tasty (and cute!) cake.

I made these little carrot cake cupcake treats.


My favorite story of past students my in-laws have hosted includes one where a grad student was here from England. He came to my in-laws house for a holiday meal and engaged in conversation with my BIL who was maybe 18 or 19 at the time (my own DH was just a baby then). My BIL was in a rock band with his friends and it just so happened that this grad student had a son who was a little older and was in a rock band too. The grad student asked my BIL, "Have you ever heard of a group called The Rolling Stones?" His son was Mick Jagger! True Story! Up until Joel Jagger passed away about five years ago my in-laws exchanged Christmas letters with him.

Because of my MIL, I have met individuals from all over the world. Someday I will have to step up and be a host myself. But for now...I'll just enjoy helping out.



parTea lady said...

Your MIL sounds like a great person. What fun for you to have dinner with all these international students.

Those cupcakes you made are really cute.

Steph said...

It sounds like a wonderful way to spend the holiday. How generous!

Su said...

It was a wonderful Easter.
Thank you for taking the great photos!